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Gibson SG user reviews

  • Gibson SG Standard

    Gibson SG Standard - "It's a classic for a reason."


    Made in the USA (Nashville, TN, or Kalamazoo, MI for the older ones) Mahogany double cutaway body Mahogany set in neck Rosewood fingerboard 22 frets Trapezoid inlays Gibson/Kluson vintage tuners 2 volume, 2 tone, 3-way pickup selector switch …

  • Gibson SG Special Faded

    Gibson SG Special Faded - "love the faded series"


    I purchased the Gibson Faded Series Guitar for my son when he had his 16th birthday. He really loved the guitar and so did I! I love the split coil pick ups! its awesome to be able to get the sound that i want! i really like the slick back on the nec…

  • Gibson SG Standard

    Gibson SG Standard - "good ol guitar"


    I have been eyeing a Gibson SG Standard for quite a while now. I picked this one off the wall at GC in Texas and I fell in love. The coil-tap is sweet but it isn't perfect and to be honest if you are truly looking for that single-coil tone then just …

  • Gibson SG Carved Top

    Gibson SG Carved Top - "Cool and unique"


    The Gibson SG guitar isn't easily recognizable guitar primarily because of the body shape that a pass. It has a double cut away corn shape the body which almost looks like devil horns. It's a unique shape in a unique style but it's pretty easily reco…

  • Gibson SG Gothic Morte

    Gibson SG Gothic Morte - "Enjoy the Silence"


    Gibson is a leading guitar builder for the hard rock and metal movements. These guitars sounds fantastic and pretty much any setting you have to man but really excel in the high again and extremely overdriven guitar tones. You have two humbucker pick…

  • Gibson '67 SG Custom Reissue

    Gibson '67 SG Custom Reissue - "Good one to have"


    The Gibson SG almost looks like devil horns if you have ever seen this guitar a red painted version. It has two forms for the body which is very similar to a Gibson Les Paul guitar which it actually is a progression of that guitar but also a little b…

  • Gibson SG Special Faded

    Gibson SG Special Faded - "Faded but brilliant price"


    Gibson instrument company has been the leading instruments for the hard rock and metal guitar tones. The Gibson Les Paul guitars, Gibson explore guitars, and the Gibson SG guitars has been a vital contribution to the hard rock and metal world. The Gi…

  • Gibson SG Firebrand

    Gibson SG Firebrand - "Red hot and looking for love"


    The Gibson SG is one of the most easily recognizable instruments in the world. It has a very distinct look that is somewhat of a cross between Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Stratocaster guitar. It has two cutaways much like a Fender Stratocaster gui…

  • Gibson SG Standard

    Gibson SG Standard - "A great rock machine!!!"


    Nashville (Usa) Made, Mahogany body Ebony Black Gibson SG standard, 2 volume, 2 tone controls, center, 300k Linear Volume, 500k Non-linear Tonebridge. Center, bridge and neck pickup selector, the pickups are alnico made 498T in the bridge and 490R i…

  • Gibson SG Classic Custom

    Gibson SG Classic Custom - "Whoo what a guitar"


    Gibson SG is a remarkable guitar that takes a lot of influence from the Gibson Les Paul guitar. It has a very distinct sound that is reminiscent of the Gibson Les Paul guitar but the overall voicing is a little bit different. It features a thinner bo…