Gibson SG Classic Faded - Worn Cherry
Gibson SG Classic Faded - Worn Cherry

SG Classic Faded - Worn Cherry, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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PureRockFort 02/19/2014

Gibson SG Classic Faded - Worn Cherry : PureRockFort's user review

«  A marvel! »

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Value For Money : Excellent

as simple as it


Channel = end .. just right! highway and slides alone! the handle does not stick
I do my arms above my view therefore it is perfect!
More binding over the fret is a treat
Access to acute is more easy .. we could do better.

As regards the weight is a pen ..! It could hinder certain person who likes to feel the weight of the guitar.
When you go down in the bass, the guitar with trends from .. but nothing serious! : O iol enough to block the guitar with the right hand or use a strap that hangs


Sound ..
The P-90 offers versatility and pannelle of interesting and diverse sounds Personally, I go from clean to rock to metal .. and .. even if it is not his chosen field ... sends his pate! So very good microphones that nothing is proved

I play with a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier .. its also plays a bit I think ^ ^


I dug the last 2 years .. I do mnt never part ..
A good finish for this guitar (the thin layer of nitrocellulose is perfect)
I would do this choice without hesitation

damage that the guitar should not be delivered with flycase :/ (together considering the price .. ^ ^) for 700 euro was a SG that really the road and that has nothing to envy to its big sister the standard

I would put a bé mol for mechanical, not of first quality ... but it can be easily changed and at a lower cost (personally I have let the original ones

Value for money: Excellent

Unfortunately c is a guitar that will not see bcp, c is the rather faded with double humbeckers which are the most common (personally I've never seen someone with the same one as me, and I'm happy

if you have the opportunity to buy a sy ... went