Gibson SG Classic Faded - Worn Cherry
Gibson SG Classic Faded - Worn Cherry

SG Classic Faded - Worn Cherry, SG-Shaped Guitar from Gibson in the SG series.

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MGR/Brian Chan 08/27/2003

Gibson SG Classic Faded - Worn Cherry : MGR/Brian Chan's user review

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I ordered this guitar online off of American Musical. I only paid $520 for this guitar and it is definately the best deal I have ever gotten. I think paying in the $500 range for a nice Gibson is a steal.

When I first got the guitar, it was hard to get used to the action and the feel of the neck (for me because I WAS a Fender player). After 2 or 3 weeks of playing it non-stop, it was very east to play and the neck was very smooth. Of course Gibson quality should be mentioned. The guitar has a beautiful nitro finish on it (like all non special Gibsons) and it really gives the guitar a classy look. The stock p-90's that came on it were amazing. The clean sound is very very nice and warm at the neck and very glassy at treble. The distortion sound is amazing as well. If you listen to The Who and Pete Townshend stuff, you know what I'm talking about. The distortion sound is very punchy. That was definately what I was looking for in the this guitar so, in my opinion, it was the best deal on earth for $500. The pearl "Gibson" on the headstock is also very good looking and classy.

I had a few dislikes for this guitar (but none the less a steal for that price). When i first recieved it, it need a "set up" really bad. The action of the guitar was not in the range I wanted it to be and it had a slight fret buzz on low E,D,and B. Also, it was hard to tune because the nut was not cut properly. After the set up(which will only cost you from 30-60$ at a shop) it played like a dream. The last dislike I have about this guitar is that, after putting it on a stand, the finish SLIGHTLY faded where the foam of the stand. I started not using the stand and putting it back in the case. Now its perfectly fine.

Like most/all Gibson construction, this guitar was beautifully crafted and had no cosmetic flaws of any kind. Gibson lives up to its reputation for craftsmanship and quality.

This guitar is a very very good guitar for the price Gibson put on them when they made them(this guitar is now discontinued, but i hope you can find one at your local store or online). Nothing gets better than this for 500$. I know ive said that about a million times but I can't get over the fact that I payed so little for it. I definately recomend this guitar for everyone. Great price for beginners and great quality for more experienced players.

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