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Gibson SG user reviews

  • Gibson SG Gothic

    Gibson SG Gothic - "Gibson SG Gothic"


    I bought this guitar from Sam Ash in Ontario, Calif., for $850.00 I actually sold my truck to get the money to buy it! I wanted a real musical instrument instead of all the usual cheap stuff I had been playin for so many years. I finally have th…

  • Gibson SG Gothic

    Gibson SG Gothic - "Gibson SG Gothic"


    I bought it at a local Sam Ash. The worker told me that they had messed up an order and were overstocked with The SG Gothics... so he sold it to me for $600. The value of the guitar is $1300, but I have seen it around for $900 It plays really nice. …

  • Gibson SG Standard 2014

    Gibson SG Standard 2014 - " Microphones and split? The foot!"


    What country has she made? USA What type of bridge? Tune-o-matic What type of race? One piece, 60's profile, access to acute madness How many frets, what kind of microphone and their configuration? 22 frets, 2 pickups and split Classic57 pullin…

  • Gibson SG Standard

    Gibson SG Standard - " A very good guitar"


    Made in USA 490R in the bridge / 498T in the neck Good overall finish, just the Gibson logo and crown (of the head) begin to crackle varnish (mine is 2008). UTILIZATION With a Faded SG, the handle of the Standard is better for my taste. We…

  • Gibson SG-200

    Gibson SG-200 - " Friendly without more"


    A small guitar rather rustic pretty lightweight and fragile. Well balanced. No finish, (or bindings or degraded etc.) a simple varnish (but not one to stick to the hands as those of some G) The logo is screen printed in gold. Manche (bonded) C …

  • Gibson Frank Zappa Roxy SG

    Gibson Frank Zappa Roxy SG - " A terrible SG"


    This SG is not like the others. Made in the USA with a 60's slim neck. The pickups are two humbuckers 57 'classic, splitables two mini toogles (perhaps the wrong place) on the pickguard, and controlled by two volumes, two tones and a toogle three pos…

  • Gibson SG Standard

    Gibson SG Standard - CHAM-NEwTT's review


    See specifications UTILIZATION See specifications SOUNDS See specifications OVERALL OPINION A perfectly fulfilled its mission in my fusion band (LE UNMIS). If you want to see: …

  • Gibson SG Special '60s Tribute

    Gibson SG Special '60s Tribute - " Great guitar!"


    Gibson bought my first in 2013, made in the USA in 2011. It has 2 P-90 pickups (single coil). : Great pickups! It has a set neck Mahogany, 4 knobs (volume + tones), and also a 3-position selector. Finally, it is composed of 22 frets, mechanical…

  • Gibson SG Standard

    Gibson SG Standard - THE BALD's review


    us manufacturing, handle 60's, mahogany and rosewood fingerboard, 22 frets, pickups 490R and 498T in the handle easel, 2 volumes, 2 tones, while very progressive way, 3-position selector, nothing original to a gibson sg standard, but if this is resea…

  • Gibson SG Special Faded

    Gibson SG Special Faded - theraven's review


    Guitar made in Nashville, United States It is exactly the same as a standard SG violin. The difference lies on the handle (not overlay) the varnish (layer less than the standard), and microphones. Excellent guitar (see all reviews below) UT…