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Gibson SG user reviews

  • Gibson SG Classic Faded - Worn Cherry

    Gibson SG Classic Faded - Worn Cherry - "Gibson SG Classic"


    I ordered this guitar online off of American Musical. I only paid $520 for this guitar and it is definately the best deal I have ever gotten. I think paying in the $500 range for a nice Gibson is a steal. When I first got the guitar, it was hard to…

  • Gibson SG Special Faded

    Gibson SG Special Faded - "Gibson SG Special Faded"


    purchuased over at hermes music in sa,tx. for about 560 dollars. Been interested in buying a gibson for a while, who isnt? it looks good, it has the crescent moon inlays on the frets, comes with the gibson speed knobs, its got a nice paintjob,sound…

  • Gibson SG Standard

    Gibson SG Standard - "Gibson SG Standard Heritage Cherry"


    George's Music Berwyn PA, I paid 1050 dollars for it new. I had a big problem finding one and had to drive two hours from delaware to pick it up, I wanted to buy one down here in Delaware but no one had one in stock and it takes a while to order fro…

  • Gibson SG Special Faded

    Gibson SG Special Faded - "Gibson Faded SG Special"


    I ordered this guitar from Musician's Friend online for $580, largely because it semed too good to be true. The biggest attraction of this guitar is the value. It has all the characteristics of a regular SG special for about $250 less. The main di…

  • Gibson SG Special Faded

    Gibson SG Special Faded - "Gibson SG Special Faded"


    I got it at The Music Gallery of Highland Park after I tried it out there. I also tried out other SGs at Guitar Center. I paid $575. I LOVE the crescent moon inlays- also, I like the ebony frettboard MUCH better than the rosewood one on the regula…

  • Gibson SG Special Faded

    Gibson SG Special Faded - "Gibson SG Special Faded"


    I bought this guitar online at Musicians Friend becuase it was a Gibson, and had some awesome reviews on it at other websites. I paid $579 and it came with a free gig bag. It is awesome. I've played a $3000 Strat, and the Gibson in my opinion out-pe…

  • Gibson SG Special Faded

    Gibson SG Special Faded - "Gibson Special SG Faded"


    I bought the guitar new at Grandma's music and sound Albuquerque, New Mexico. ca: $550. This guitar is the product of over fifty years of Gibson's experience crafting quality musical instruments. As a working recording artist and session player,…

  • Gibson SG Gothic

    Gibson SG Gothic - "Gibson SG Gothic"


    Bought January 2003 for £475.00 (Pre-Owned) The guitar is so well made it almost plays itself! The sound quality is fabulous and the build quality very good (in most areas). The guitar can produce a whole spetrum of different tones and just goes abs…

  • Gibson SG Voodoo

    Gibson SG Voodoo - "Gibson Voodoo SG"


    I bought from a guitar company from wisconsin, it was about $800. the pick ups kick ass. They are really clean and bright, but also can create a very clean deep sound. The shape is the only shape i have ever liked, the color is sweet, its amazingl…

  • Gibson SG Voodoo

    Gibson SG Voodoo - "Gibson SG Voodoo"


    Paid $900.00 at a guitar center Its looks cool and it has the same thing on it as the regular sg's but with a cooler look. Thats what got me into that. I just wanted to try it out but after playing with it for a month i loved. Its also really light.…