Electro-Harmonix Knockout
dravode 04/29/2012

Electro-Harmonix Knockout : dravode's user review


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Equalizer electro-harmonix pedal format.
3 pots, a LED, 9 Volt power supply, classic, nothing abnormal.


The manual was not very important, but as often Ches EHX, very simple settings. The low increases the bass, treble increases the high, dry and increase the input volume.


This is in sound it gets interesting. I bought this pedal as a bass player. At the time, I was playing on a low-end amp, and I tested this pedal on an amp low-end store.

I wanted to test this pedal just to see, and I left with. This pedal provides more roundness and warmth to the sound. I used it almost constantly engaged, and I avoided cold and the sound of my amp. It was amazing, this pedal change the sound of my amp, but not necessarily add to the attack (unlike the name).

I tested it on paul epiphone and Squier Telecaster and it's true we can Avoie the sound of another with the effect. Finally, on a les paul, the sound resembles a Strat, but it stops there. To see.

In any case I prefer it as a bass player.


I bought it in early last year, but I have more utility too, because I opted for a preamp tube amp. I think this pedal is very unique and original, it is perfect to enhance the sound of an amp cold. It is useless on a good amp.
For a guitarist, I would say why not, but my try with your gear ;)