Roland MC-303
Roland MC-303

MC-303, Groove Machine from Roland in the MC series.

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microkaze 02/16/2005

Roland MC-303 : microkaze's user review


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Audio, a headphone jack 6.35, 6.35 2jack out left and right, a jack for pedals
Noon, between 1 and output Din
448 sounds, ditables not really, but the effects in a continuum above kindly give nice about the results.
I do not like the squenceur internal design does not please me because I'm used to hard squenceur Yamaha and the rest mainly on computer ...


Simple if we live of the rest of the functions are done by double or triple features on this keyboard is searched my eyes, like better to have the PC to drive (when you get there There's also because of the the galre ...)
Manuel yesh well but I prfre not use it, the only time o I opened it to the pc repatcher Fully machine as a mode m'embtait g nrateur its sounds to have only about 128 448 internally prvus, the controllers can make the PC and frankly the best software is by far Cakewalk, Cubase not good at this level, too Steinberg BMOL because of who I almost got the machine Spar ...
The MC303 has trs sounds especially good set of percussion that versatility Dance, Hip Hop, Techno commercial brief instruments and a few dishes and dpasss Mazis that remain of a good quality in terms of quality breeding and game


Like I said the sound bank even if it is big APRS Courage Fully accessible midi is basic but effective, I use it after 5 years of use as a box rhythm complter is a set of analog synths and sound modules, I frankly set prfre Linn, Cr78, SERIES 808, 909 of MC303 from certain combinations included on other machines A good thing about it is the MC303 Boost knob is derrire that restores the warmth of the sound a bit like the analog of a sudden sounds better and so much more human than those plugins that have clogged your PC and suddenly the sound is flat and mchamment mtalliques with Dsp coming all eat the sound spectrum.
Ditto for the VLOC I program Pc, there's way to delve into the Controller is not bad, it's true that it is a more rcuprer a Controller direct knob on a kind of keyboard matre such as a simple USB Evolution for example, the blow can feel something of this machine


It's been 5 years that I have, I do not spare, I like the boil and finish and strength remains in the picture Roland trs so right
On other models Yeah, so I do not like the Mc505, the 909 too CHRE of Roland I have other machines as a Jv1080 ​​a U220, a synth Juno Alpha 1 is true I return to their old machines, complications set in performance and the start but its really correct, Roland can do great things on the issue, I said nothing about the latest in expanders them instead if I had the chance to test one of the last, I will purchase with Roland because I know what I expected but the machines like groovebox goes around that if we stay on this interface blow is worth more to widen the scope of the CONTRL mninges and Russia while the Pc, complicated but when it works it gnial ...