Amt Electronics R1 Mesa Rectifier
Amt Electronics R1 Mesa Rectifier

R1 Mesa Rectifier, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Amt Electronics in the Legend Amps series.

iamqman 04/05/2011

Amt Electronics R1 Mesa Rectifier : iamqman's user review

« not good »

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I know these Legendary Series pedal are supposed to be preamps used in an effects loop. This review is based off of running in front of an amp like most pedals are intended.

What amazes me is that the entire Legendary Series from AMT is just horrible! This isn't the worst from this series but it is still pretty terrible. This is AMT's attempt to get a Mesa Triple Recto sound from a pedal. It is climbing up a hill that it will never reach the top of or even come close to sounding. This pedal doesn't even come close to sounding like a Triple Recto in any facet.

- The AMT Legend Amp Series guitar pedals provide excellent dynamics, nuances, and characteristics similar to that of tube driven amplifiers.
- Tube-like range of volume control provides great sound density, playability, and power when playing at full volume and also in conjunction with your guitars volume knob.
- TRUE BYPASS. The preamps of the Legend Amp Series pedals use passive true bypass circuitry, therefore no loss of guitar signal is noticed in your pedal chain. Similar to if no pedal was there at all when bypassed.
- Features high level of output signal (+10dB in extreme position of Level knob) corresponds to the output levels similar of tube preamps. Thus, you have adjustable signal level allowing to hook up your preamp AND direct input of a power amplifier.
- Controls include LEVEL, GAIN, LOW, MID, and HIGH.
- TWO signal outputs: DIRECT AMPLIFIER OUT for guitar amplifier use and CAB SIMULATION OUT for mixer, or studio use.
- Power saving mode. When the speaker simulation output jack is not in use, the pedal automatically switches to power saving mode. Current consumption (from 9V power unit) is less than 6mÀ (in power saving mode it drops to 4mÀ).


This pedal is easy to get a garbage sound from. It has five control knobs and do basically do and they read on the face plate. Just like a real amplifier with the basic three position EQ and the level and gain controls.

Most like plexi or Marshall amps they have the three EQ's, level, and gain. There really isn't a need for a manual or anything since it is pretty basic. Dial in the tone for the personal preference that you needs for your guitar rig.


The sound from this pedal is bad and should be pasted up for the California Sound pedal or the Extreme lll from AMT. I think the CS sounds more like a real amp and much more like a Triple Recto than this unit.

It really doesn't matter which guitar you use with it because it sounds thin and metallic. It is not pleasing to the ears what so ever. It is very fizzy and noisy that makes playing not enjoyable.


I would not recommend this pedal to anyone. It sounds so bad and unusable. I am baffled at the reason why AMT thinks they should put out these Legendary Series pedals. The classic series sounds so much more natural and usable. Do no buy this unit as you will be disappointed. Try some other units from AMT preferably the classic series. At new they come in at around $130 which is more money than the classic but sounds like a cheap Boss pedal that just makes noise.