Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21
Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21

V-Tone Guitar GDI21, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Behringer in the V-Tone series.

patchylepirate 05/16/2011

Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21 : patchylepirate's user review

«  I'm amazed »

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See below, but more than a DI box, it can also serve as simulated amp and distortion pedal


While there, hat! It looks pretty solid (heavier than most Behringer pedals), the button style stomp is pretty big and good.
But the simplicity of use and booklet (English and Chinese) is very clear and lets look at what gives some models.
Attention on a VERY good sound, turn the volume to half, it gives off really.


Personally, I do not like the sound metal, thus, the simulated calif high gain I use it.
on the other hand, with Tweed, clean and classic (all the buttons down) the drive to level 0 and half, I love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fender clean sound to it really makes my telecaster and tribute to his neck pickup, restoring its twang.
By adding the Drive, the distortion is very present and the plexiglass is simultaneously really terrible.
I put only 8 because I think the distortion becomes too quick enough there, but it will appeal to metalheads.
I use it since early May (not long) on ​​a mixing desk in repeated more than a concert and DI output, g need to break my head, the engineer did everything in my place volume level. Trankil!


As mentioned earlier, I do not use it for a long time, but I'm amazed.
I did not want to ruin me an amp and a DI box would do the trick.
For 29 € I am very satisfied.
Having already Behriger 2 pedals, I love this brand.
It makes no great noise, looks cheap (and probably is) but I've never had any problems with this brand unlike other large (boss, digitech, Danelectro not to quote them)
Yes, I will ever be happy with this choice.
I have some stage experience and many gear used, one thing to say: do not read these am-called pro who criticize Behringer products that are not expensive, not so good. As in everything, like it or not, then do according to your taste ............ me, I chose