Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21
Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21

V-Tone Guitar GDI21, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Behringer in the V-Tone series.

RaphRaymond 07/22/2005

Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21 : RaphRaymond's user review


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Dj said and then there's the site of Behringer ...


I'm used exclusively to play alone or in home studio, never on scne or in groups.
The switch is gnral nothing for me ... What is a power button.
The edition of the sounds is super easy even for big fingers like mine, the knobs are a little LGERS so they look a lot faster ... must be dlicat is not what marshall .

There's actually a ... that fits on an A4 folded in eight.
History of not putting the power supply not included 10 snaps on the ct of the pedals is not very practical forcment ... [edit: and mine "a little grillquot, and all grid transformers that i put, so i use a transformer in the battery case ...]


In total there are 27 possible combinations ... pretty playable and I do not know.

Tweed is an amplifier that saturates around with a lot of bass and treble enough slamming
Brit is an amplifier that saturates most mdium very high and not too low
Calif. is an amplifier that saturates autand that Brit but with more bass, more treble and midrange matris a little hollow.

I think the Brit sharp and not too pretty trs. The caliph and the tweed trs are good (a little tweed crunch means any one of the same ... too wide bandwidth in the high ...)

Cln channel is clean, or at least since with the simulated saturated Brit Calif. and has the big crunch dj.
HiG channel distortion is rich in acute and high mdium
Hot amne more bass and lower than mdium HiG but the diffrence is not super obvious.

Classic: simulates a transplanted by a 57 HP not too low and not many acute
Center: the microphone is located in the center of HP so full of bass and treble
X Off: Microphones off-axis so as center but without the sharp

I only use the center position. Classic makes me think too much and has a softphone qualo offX lack of prsence and do any other diffrence with possde Center.

Point of view of the drive knob lets you go from one to three in winning even if I would have Oens does not hurt to go a little further for distos lacks some sustain and to thickness.
The equalo is quite effective, not like a fender but better than a marshall at least
The level knob does not color the sound ...

For résumé if there are 27 suits me I use only 4 or 5 that I find playable: Calif. / hot / center for large saturated with the substance or drive nice crunch with the drive 0, Twed / clean / center for a clean trs really nice and pretty, twed / hot / center for clean and crunch at the gain which is not bad either. I use the not too gnralement Brit I find worse than the Calif of all the plans a little, as their sound is like.

In any case a sound rather cold and there is no big crunch soft and warm and it is not that bandwidth is a little off in the treble, it is appropriate to a low pass to 12 or 15 kHz to taste one to find their normal HP.


I use intensment for 3 days and I am satisfied with TRS! My distos have more than potatoes in a mix of plugs and I'm forced to turn on the computer for a bit with Scratch sound reasonable!

The sound is not pretty as such but a body which makes them very good guitars Submitted trs and many muscles!

Question qualitprix I think for 46 you can hardly do better ... Ideal for Students home studio just a little broke with neighbors capricious ...