Behringer X V-Amp
Behringer X V-Amp

X V-Amp, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Behringer in the V-Amp series.

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Lenoir 05/01/2007

Behringer X V-Amp : Lenoir's user review


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Everything has already been listed in detail previously, do not bother to spread it. In short, so it's everything you need and more in a small pédalier.C is very basic, the perfect illustration of 'plug and play'. A guitar, the X V-amp, a headphone / amp / hi-fi system and it works.


The device becomes a job childish little we take the trouble to read the manual. Editing sounds is certainly not as quick and easy with a dedicated range of pedals in front of you but taking the time you reach the desired result. And, unlike the pedalboard, it does not goes awry when the handles!


The effects are very good for this price range. Special mention for the modulation and pitch effects that turn out pretty decent. The simulations are of course not a reward out of this world but have their own grain 'in the spirit of ...'. From clean to high gain through a nice crunch as everything there for everyone. Be careful, there is a second latency at each change of simulation, ie it is a small white when moving from a Fender to Mesa Boogie. The problem is easily solved by storing two programs with two different gains to artificially recreate a clean channel and lead channel. In any case, changing the amp in the middle of a song!?!


I use it for a year now. I am extremely happy.

What I like most about this little box is:
+ The price / quality ratio. 'Unbeatable' is not strong enough, it is simply crazy ...
+ The possibilities are endless. If one spends a little time, we can do what you want.
+ The presence of a pedal gain / volume / expression. It is a most incredible!

What I like least:
- The lightweight construction. It will not be too carried away on the beast.
- The second lag between each change of simulation, but easily circumvented.

If it breaks tomorrow, I took up the same. There are better for a lot more in Line6, for sure. But I have a family to feed! So have playthings like that available at that price, I says that I saw a really great time. ;-)