Behringer X V-Amp
Behringer X V-Amp

X V-Amp, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Behringer in the V-Amp series.

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Jahkal 06/10/2005

Behringer X V-Amp : Jahkal's user review


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16 amp simulation ... almost. Behringer Whereas the bypass position as an amp ...
Many effects: flanger, chorus, tremolo, accouostic, phaser, pitch bend, rotary, wah, ...
Between 1, 2 outputs: amp and headphones
An expression pedals but it does not leave much amplitude in the movement of the foot.


2 buttons for all rgler is not much.
It's a bit cumbersome for beginners to matriser but ds we understand the principle is the same used for all rglages.

Editing sounds easy. The LEDs are useful trs To verify the effect levels, volume, etc ...

Manuel a bit obscure, but with a time trying rflexion the pedals, it includes all


The amp simulation are average and trs Ingals
The effects are unconvincing.
For each modulation effect, several types of pedals are offered. Ex: there are four types flanger. A boss reminiscent of another BF-2 BF-3 the boss and two others. Honntement, the diffrence is not striking.

I play a fender tele Mexico. With the pedals, the sounds are brilliant and trs trs acute, sometimes too!


I used 2 months.
There are two spots: the impossibility of spending the 1 to 5 (then 53 is not even worth) and especially the time rponse the pedals. When changing his (the 1 to 2 for example), there is a second white is INNACEPTABLE! conclusion: you can not use this thing live.

In addition, the pedals are sensitive trs, 1 out of 2, Apui too long, top box, or a little on each pedals and the sound that comes out is not good.

For recording on PC, it is probably useful, but I was looking for a multi purpose use in concert.
For the price, should not RVer (83 euros new)