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Behringer X V-Amp
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PiouF PiouF
Publié le 04/11/04 à 04:11
The effects on offer are, well, pretty basic but the MRIT to be of quality:
Flanger, chorus, tremolo, phaser, pitch bend, rotary, auto wah and p-Funk'n (inverse of the wah-wah).
It is a modulation pedals, the principle is mulate effects pedals and amps for their rputs particulires CHARACTERISTICS.
The effects do not seem ditables PC but they are adjustable on the pedals.
There is one between Jack and two mono outputs: 1 output Stereo (Phone) and a mono output (Amp).
The pedals are trs Aesthetics. We see that the form is working (not like the ZOOM!) And it does not look like a gimmick (see: Digitech pedals).
The expression pedals intgre is a strong point.
The machine seems to be robust.
For cons I find that the change effect is impractical:
- It's difficult to target the pedals as they are of Dfile Reduces size, which sometimes causes some drapes.
- It is impossible to effect such 01 22 the effect quickly. No function allows.


I confirm that myself the first opinion by saying that the manual is really wrong.
I have an hour trying to figure out how to work the pitch bend effect.
Until I'm not Submitted sr matriser compltement of my pedals ...
The edition of the sounds is relatively easy once you get the idea.
I emphasize again that the manual is incomplete trs, even if it looks well done Premire for trs.


Compared to my old crappy pedals Zoom 505 II, the X V-Amp does not count as much in it but those effects are of quality.
The must is the Wah-Wah with analog CONTRL.
The distos are trs trs varied and good quality.
The clean sound is very well too.
The bad thing is the pitch bend gives her a little trs trs raliste robotics, which is not nice to hear rev ...


I use it for two weeks and I made 2 dj scnes with the pedals.
What I like most about it is the analog pedals intgre which is used to control various Settings, including the famous Wah-Wah.
However, I regret that there are no more effects ...
The report is qualitprix but not excellent.
I highly recommend this pedals for guitarists who start making scnes.
Do not buy ZOOM! Is shit!
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