Line 6 POD HD300
Line 6 POD HD300
jerome.b 04/07/2011

Line 6 POD HD300 : jerome.b's user review

«  good things ... and bad ... »

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many possibilities in terms of effects ...


the config is not very easy at the beginning I found.
there are things that I struggled to understand, but it may be because this is my first pedalboard
of this kind.
but I've had a week and I started to dip.
on the other hand have to be careful because in the live action, if it is wrong instead of changing the preset you press 2 buttons at the same time and it changes the bank ..
I think with the AC drive will become logic.

the manual is not super clear we must spend time on the machine.
the edition is fairly simple, yet effective and have it figure out where the effects .. careful when you search for live sound distortion, because the volume of physical effects distos not being at the effect selected, it can jump to the ears very strongly


I did my first live tonight with the pedals and my guitar Shecter (single and double coil)
I plug everything into the rc 50
I specified that I bought the pedal to avoid having to take my amp light heavy and bulky (Blackstar).
no surprises compared to what I had in me, it's good.

the presets are really awful at the base but, by simplifying everything (removing the effects on the simulations)
we can start properly set.

for its clear I find an entry for direct sound, it sure is square is not at all ashamed. I had already done a live PA without direct input simulator, and it is day and night.
although its missing a little bit of everything safe and roundness, but it's good.

For the distos cons, I do not know about others but I really find it hard to find one that is ringing, and I spent time ...
in the end I plug my distortion pedals on Xotic and it changes everything, it's a config that works
but the base is supposed to walk and so here I am disappointed
I'll still try to tamper with AC to see if we can do better.

the effect is rather realistic, but it's true that we have no choice in the total coupling.
Anyway for those who want to base effects without mixtures is quite amazing enough.
the effects a bit weird I like it, the seeker for example
Delays are good, the chorus also (I have not toured yet)


I've had one week
I had a bean and 7 years ago, but I had not played on sound system.

what I like most is that for the price, which is not huge, I come to what I want
that is to say, be able to live without an amp with a sound not bad at all. of course we need a return if it is screwed in this case.
basically I was missing a good delay, expression pedal, a way to play sound,
and already there's 3 things that separate coutées would have made me the same price as the pedal, so I'm happy

looper looks good
the concept of returning to the preset mode by pressing to activate and deactivate the effects foot is pretty handy, but I had trouble understanding

the price / quality ratio is pretty good

I have not yet tested in live studio recording so ...

I am very disappointed cons of distortion and crunch (is it Enough '?), it looks like the metal box ...

but quite happy with my purchase

good night