Line 6 POD HD300
Line 6 POD HD300
tjon901 08/01/2011

Line 6 POD HD300 : tjon901's user review

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The HD300 is the lowest model in the Pod HD line. Even though it is the lowest model in the line it still has the exact same models that the higher end models have. The only differents is the user interface. This lack of user interface makes it a bit harder to use than the HD500. With the 300 and 400 you pretty much need to connect it to your computer and use the patch editor to make any decent patches. It comes with all of Line 6's HD amp models which there are now 22 of. When you first get the unit there are 16 models. This is a lot less than the 80 or so amps the Pod X3 came with but these amps are modeled in much more detail than those. If you are wondering if you should get this instead of the X3 just think quality vs quantity. The X3 can sound just as good but it will require much more tweaking and skill in your patch making.


Utilization is the weakest part of the 300 for me. For something this complex they really do not have that many controls. There is an unlabled 3 way mode switch which switches from amp mode to looper mode to patch mode. You will have to learn what each color indicates. These modes change the fuction of the buttons on the bottom face of the amp. There are dedicated amp eq controls and dedicated effects controls. There is a large expression pedal that can be switched from a wah to a volume pedal. There are plenty of outputs on the back, anything you would need for working in the studio. There is no on or off switch like on the XT you just plug it in which is kind of unnerving.


With only a fraction of the models of the outgoing POD units the detail in the modeling of these units is much better. It is easy to get a good raw amp sound from this unit. Me being a mostly heavy music player the low number of high gain amps is kind of disappointing but the models it has are good. The amp has all the classic amps modeled in it. The models I find myself using the most are the JCM 800, Bogner Uberschall, Mesa Dual Rectifier and ENGL Fireball. It has several old Fender blues amps. I just wish it had a Roland Jazz Chorus or something with a really pure clean sound. The amp models sound good but you pretty much have to use the computer based patch editor to make up the patches. The user interface on the unit is too cluttered and the tiny LED screen doesnt help as much. The big screens on the X3 and the HD500 are much better for creating more detailed patches on the unit.


If you are looking for a cheap way to have a good sound this is a good unit. It can be used lived with a PA or power amp and it is also great for just home studio stuff. Your first few days with it will be the toughest as you learn what all the functions do and make all your favorite sounding patches. With the 400 and 300 you pretty much have to use the computer based editor to make the patches because the screen on the unit is too small and awkward to use. If you just want the HD amp models and can edit everything on the computer there is really no point in getting the more expensive models because the amp models are exactly the same throughout the line.