Line 6 POD HD500X
Line 6 POD HD500X

POD HD500X, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Line 6 in the POD Live series.

Sludge02 01/27/2014

Line 6 POD HD500X : Sludge02's user review

«  Very good pedal »

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Value For Money : Excellent
aste collection of HD amps winning an incredible authenticity.
Over 100 studio effects and pedals - superimpose up to eight simultaneously.
Speakers and microphones to choose from.
Incomparable flexibility to achieve your sound:
Two signal chains
Multiple routing options
Dynamic DSP releasing more power to the amps and effects
Stereo effects loop can be inserted anywhere in the signal chain
Professional foot switches with LED rings visible
Full range of I / O including USB 2.0 jacks, MIDI, S / PDIF, balanced XLR outputs, a mic preamp built etc..
Guitar input with adjustable impedance.
Programmable MIDI controller: switches and expression pedal can be used to control external MIDI devices.
L6 LINK ™ to integrate and control amplifiers DT and StageSource ® speakers.
VDI connection for integration and control of a James Tyler Variax ® ® guitar.
8 "Set Lists" 64 memories.
512 memories for user presets.
The expression pedal assignable pilot amp and effect settings.
Internal Looper 48 seconds with dedicated foot switch.
Chromatic Tuner.
Tap Tempo footswitch.
Manufacturing professional quality with a bent metal housing, a chrome bar protection and a molded pedal expression.


In terms of use,
very simple for my taste.
Half an hour goes around and attack!
The manual is basic but simple, you can download on the Advanced Line 6 version, but not necessarily required.
Personally I plug it into my amp and simultaneously on my Mac, so I play and edit my presets live!
Only downside, Line 6 could have a command center in full screen.


As for the sound quality,
it is very good for my taste. Now, I'm not fond of ordinary effects! only valid for my taste are those created in the studio but hey you can not have everything!
Overall, the effects are realistic and clean.
Now, my opinion is really subjective because I'm not a fan of pedals and other but I really do not like the distortions that are bland, ugly digital finally what!
I never used but I still wanted to try and I am disappointed.
I use it only for effects and mixing effects such as Delay, Flanger, Uvibe etc etc that are, like, discos, very good quality!
When you do not put effects, amps etc etc ie in direct line, it does not alter the sound of your amp, which is a significant advantage.


I recommend it because it is a very good pedal and most importantly affordable!
The price / quality ratio is excellent.
I would not have been long enough to judge the quality of manufacture.
What I like the most is editing in real time and very simple.