Line 6 POD XT Live
Line 6 POD XT Live
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Rocknweb 09/01/2013

Line 6 POD XT Live : Rocknweb's user review

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Swiss Army knife, there is everything can dream every guitarist in this machine. No effects loop but an important asset a start / stop here to look stupid but many pedals do not ...
Half of the Carpathians are locked even as many other brands, it sucks!


I'll get right to it, if you go out and play the product out of the box, it does not come out much like all pedals of this type. After 2 years of Digitech RP, thanks to Line 6 edit software in two half days I already have a 20aine patches that take the road through notament sharing customtones.
Configuration by the LCD screen is already warmer there not see much. Wha a little hard to trigger.


Excellent for you can take the trouble to look for the right settings ...
It was the sound of thing very quickly it still must go to the trouble to set everything here from its material, if you adjust the sound output in a Telecaster with a TSA15 here will not do it for a strat into a Marshall once we understand we work here we see the equalization changes radically if the simulation result is not.


My config TSA15H Ibanez with his cab Ideally, it is neutral in clean so no coloration of sound or very little and four vintage guitars, so I have to twicker when I change my guitar and I would say that c ' is a good sign it means that the sound that comes is respected.
There are many effects that carton and saturation for all tastes, the simulation of the cab in Greenback is excellent. I find this amazing product and frankly I would not do the math of what it contains virtually means ...