Line 6 POD XT Live
Line 6 POD XT Live
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Guitaristic 11/01/2004

Line 6 POD XT Live : Guitaristic's user review


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Happy owner of a PODxt Live: Here are my views on the subject.

For all the features it says here:


I used a PODXT formerly led by my old pedalboard GT3 (by noon).
So thanks to this pedal is the 2 in 1 more conviale and with more options:
I find the use of simple architectural / Especially since the advent of the new version of GuitarPort

The edition and sounds almost as easy as the PODxt, it lacks the volume portard reverb, you have to get the setting in a menu, which is not practical.
I was able to recover all of the sounds of my pod XT.
For now level sound quality I did not feel much difference ... BUT
It is on my old patch in the pod XT have changed: I have Satus less fat and volume levels of certain sounds softer or louder ... The problem just a knob that they were allowing us to add a guitar and if more or less powerful to mitigate, CSA / NORM,
The manual is clear enough.

- The volume is generally a very lil knob on the front, it's not super practical and is not meant to be trippoté all the time!
- The reverb to get inside the menu, although c shame.
- The screen and less contrasted (although there is a setting) than in the normal XT.


The sound is super Line 6, although frankly I already know the sound of the pod xt and abilities, but every time I'm really surprised when I need to make a new sound, one is able to be something to pass the cock in ass, the integrated model pack Fx offers new interesting things (well it depends what).
I use this device with my Musicman Luke2, and it simpa, I plan to buy can be a Variax because right now, the big advantage is that thanks to the pod xt live on just the pilot and the 'power!
And for me, before I was against buying the Variax as it had to enter a new foot pedal with transformer to power in more gas plant I had to lug me ...
I also use the pod xt live into my electro acoustic preamp (godin multiac).
I use two stage monitors to listen.
+ A foot to redirect the worm either scratching.
I have an expression pedal but I still have not tried to see if it was compatible

knowing that it incorporates new parameters to be used on a conventional amp


I use it for 2 days.
I like the feature + is ... really ... it's all in one for 500 €!
I did not even think about two seconds before I buy, I literally thrown on it!
Fancher and I regret my purchase!
it seems really tough! for those interested: it is too aesthetical level class (c fortunately not the reason for my purchase ...)
Value for money is simple: do the math: Pod XT + + power supply and control flowboard Variax model pack + Fx + saves space + time savings ...
In short when you see the gas plant that I had before, are not thinking more than 2 seconds!