Tech 21 Blonde V2
michelbdx 12/23/2012

Tech 21 Blonde V2 : michelbdx's user review

«  BUT sounds very poor practice »

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This is the same as model 1 with additional switch to disable the simulation HP (Jensen 12 Standard), to be used either as amp simulator or as a simple distortion. (Analog)

Solid housing and connectors.
Direct access hatch for the battery.
Decor a bit cheap.


The manual gives some examples of settings: Clean - Blues - Singin 'Bassman Style - Style Ted Nugent.

Potentiometers: Level - Low - Mid - High - Character - Drive.
These are very close -> Handling difficult.

Easy adjustments, ATTENTION knobs interact with each other, if you move a setting the other is affected.

I use either:
- Live in a mixer (HP simulation enabled)
- In an acoustic amp (AER) (HP simulation enabled)
- In a tube amp (HP simulation disabled)


I play electric guitar.

If you do get the (s) sound (s) of a Fender tube with the box ... FORGET now!

it sounds very flat, very bland, no lamp is sorely felt.
More settings are pushed, the more we move away from realism and more Fender.

I use it mainly for clean sounds to which I add an OD or Disto needed.


I had a Vox Tonelab which was much more convincing, and SansAmp GT2 bought his exit had left a good memory but a long time ago.

However, this little box is very convenient, you can take it anywhere it troubleshoots and despite much sound quality (s) mediocre.

For use as a hobby when we move and we do not want to take his amp.

I do not regret this purchase because it really makes me BUT service in some situations it is not part of my pedalboard.

At the output of the series Character I planned to acquire several (Hiwatt - Mesa - Marshall - Orange), I doubt I even bought another 50 € occaz.

To acquire OCCAZ if you want to have a little box that you can carry around and connect without the need for a real amp sound.
(I do not know the Pod but I think it should sound better)