Tech 21 SansAmp Classic
Tech 21 SansAmp Classic

SansAmp Classic, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Tech 21 in the SansAmp series.

public price: $375 VAT
thegoofisonfire 11/13/2013

Tech 21 SansAmp Classic : thegoofisonfire's user review


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distortion / overdrivre / amp simulator to pr guitars AND basses lamps
any analog
true bypass
Hand-assembled in the USA

everything else has been said below


config is simple, but must be patient pr find her!!
if the potentiometer are intuitive and accessible, it's not something mm pr 8 small (microscopic) switches that are not obvious to handle with big fingers bassists ...


already owner of a SansAmp RBI pr my bass
I was looking for a distortion pedal / overdrive with a certain warmth and attack
the bass driver is simplified in preamp pedal format as I have already, I needed something slightly different QLQ pr out of the mix in distortion without losing too serious or be screaming like most distortion transistor
as every brand product SansAmp, plug in putting everything at noon, and it sounds already!!
QLQ hours and tests later, the sound is found and validated, a quality that exceeds most of the preamp ds mm price range and see those more expensive mm
choseque the only I can say is that you try pr realize the sound quality
only downside it would tend to blow if you push a little while!! So seulemnt 9/10


tried there is a 10n year to shop and convinced amazed by the efficiency of the stuff but not buy, considering the price, and my little means at the time.
I am satisfied in the meantime other pedals without having found the gem.
I stumbled by chance on this pedal ds converter cash at a price of 50 €, I asked to try it and there: mm slap it was 10 years! I purchased Banco!!
my little yellow pedal generated pr give way to this terrible tool!
I would do the c crystal clear mm purchase!