Tech 21 SansAmp Classic
Tech 21 SansAmp Classic

SansAmp Classic, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Tech 21 in the SansAmp series.

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SlapKid 01/31/2009

Tech 21 SansAmp Classic : SlapKid's user review

«  This is truly the boss! »

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Analog milliamp consolidated ridiculous like 5, but with true bypass buffer (against losses on long trips), three basic sounds and 8 switches to change everything. Hello ...

Volume, tone, and very interesting, preamp and power amp drive drive. It therefore acts on the structure of sound, well seen.
Good output volume. Attention is therefore no equalizer we provide a (mixing desk) is succinct the settings found on a tube power amps (like deep / bright / resonance) are sufficient to approximations.
Before a clear channel already warm I did not miss serious with this pedal.


Nan. Not simple, it is better to have all his wits to set the machine. Once we have understood the main it becomes strangely intuitive, like clean-bright switch-low drive and the two knobs to drive.
This is the price for a versatility that I think will not be matched anytime soon.
We can all get with this machine, except the numetal (and again, with a V-back equalizer ...). It's really amazing because the precise grain exchange, not just the color.
What is funny is that there is so much to do with the mini switches that you forget the three basic variants (button on the side) ...

Beware, it is much simpler than a Rocktron Utopia and company. Time to open their manual and try to understand what is marked, you have found the exact sound you're looking for with the SansAmp ...


It's Dante! Whether clean, any slight crunch-supported, dynamic and hard rock music, solo singing, the machine types in the mile every time. Once we caught on the widget, which can take time especially if we do know that tube amps slab.
I would first sound of the first Queen, never found as good as SansAmp, both soft and precise musical singing, no fat.
Once completed this project I used the classic for ... my electroacoustic nylon, with a tranparent sound very high quality.
Is that unlike brand products, the classic lets you remove any simulation hp. To have two or more rendering vintage tubes for softness, etc..
It is a masterstroke, this gear.
Of course I have used over the years everywhere, and even as a channel full on a clean amp with lots of natural warmth and musicality.
2011 Update: Currently I use it as an interface between multi-effects time pre-modeling (as distos hybrid and a compressor) so clean, and loop back to 30w EL34 tube amp. The rendering is amazing, it's precision and clarity, therefore, set with bright clear sound without simultaneous hp. I do not know why I have not thought of before, which would have avoided the purchase of several multis that have never touched the expected result ... so it was enough to put the SansAmp in a row!
Anyway must combine the dip, this pedal is really like no other.


I am also gt2, though horrible in comparison (coarse chopped, synthetic, brr), which you must locate the classic ...
I would say the best use of classic equalizer is primarily a power-amp guitar columns, it is certainly the easiest to manage.
The Classic is exceptionally clean (fat only if you want it specifically) makes him a great choice for such a dirty amp fender twin and others. A Vox AC30 which is more class / own serious risk of missing the low-volume classic.

Reliability: the switch startup is mechanical, therefore likely to wear out. Mine is always impeccable, but as I have a SansAmp loop I did not jump on him constantly. Over the years of crachottements appear in the knobs, and some miniswitchs are desired from time to time, the spray tuner600 tactfully to remedy, however. Otherwise nada, no problem, it said.

Do not be fooled by the look of the machine, it's pro. The bassist also plays toto version of SansAmp Bass driver (right in the power amp low-column, nothing before either) for ages, and when we heard the animal ...

In short, if you like real music and natural sounds, drop your pods bursting with you on a classic ...