Negens 05/01/2011

Tech 21 US Steel : Negens's user review

« Really not bad! »

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Other pedal Series Tech 21 Character home, it stands out a bit from others in that it bravely ventured into the world of high gain.
Now simulate a distortion, which is enjoyed from the origin of a tube amp, this is no small matter.

U.S. Steel is therefore trying to simulate the sound of the Rectifier in Mesa.

It contains all the elements of the Character series.

3-band EQ
switch on / off
Celestion cabinet simulation disengaged.
1 input, 1 output jack
Powered by battery or transformer
All in a box whose strength is well known

It is an analog pedal like all her sisters


Usage is very simple. Nothing complicated here.

The manual is very clear.
For editing, nothing fancy, you turn the knobs and you listen if you like it.


As a starter, I glued a Jackson Soloist Custom

Test live recording in my audio interface.
The speaker simulation is good

The character has an action button, which I like a bit less than on other Character.
I think it acts as a lowpass filter that leaves still spend too serious.

So that except for some bluesy crunch, it is rarely descends below the 14H.

The drive pushes far, far away, and like a real high gain amp, there is no point to go beyond 2:00 p.m. (also yes), failing to raise the blast.

The EQ is very effective, precise, fine and soft.
The lyrics are very effective too, with a mid scoop, you get a muffled report ..
The bass is to master carefully if you do not want a muddy sound. At the same time, although we recognize is the failure of the amp is simulated here. Well yes, a correction, it throws up the bass (as Default Rectifiers owners deny Each time you talk to them, and yet ...)
Acute side, it's great because we have no sound coming bee, even when pushed to the bottom.

The equalization of series character is far better than what is done in TN.

All the richness of harmonic distortion amp is here, and it is very significant. (A flaw that I noticed in TN pedals.

U.S. Steel does not disappear in a mix. Without a minimum of equalization, it behaves like a high gain amp: It overwrites all.

Are we close to a correct? Yes and no. The character is there, there is this something metal in the lower medium that is typical of the Rectifier, but it lacks the dynamic lights (The Leeds fared better on this point).

Test in section Poweramp Fender Dual Showman of my (I go through a 4x12 Celestion V30 and in G12h100).
One is almost tempted to leave the cab turned simulation that brings his character well. But do not.

While there, we are very surprised at the level of equalization: The mids are much too far forward, and it was a muffled, nasal unpleasant if you do not alleviate the pedal.

on the other hand, once reduced, there are only good. We feel that this is not a tube preamp, but the contribution of lamps section provides more power.

And the next character is a bit different from what we had live recording. This time, when you are beyond 15 hours, the correct side is a bit exaggerated, and it takes the breath along with the gain.

Although the AMT is that I have an E1 (Engl simulation), I'll still say the word on the overall quality of emulation:

With the Character Series, it seems to be with real amp.
With the AMT, was rather a feeling of being left with a disto filtered

The equalization of Character is very soft and natural while on the AMT, it equates to the trowel.

It does not appear in a honeycomb with a Character Series where the AMT you prick ears as long as you ride only in the midrange and treble.

The speaker simulation of the AMT is limited, the inverse of Character which is a feat.


I have since two days (It seems you are little, but with experience, it takes me no more to judge the quality of a pedal).

The only other sim that I have in the genus, TN is E1. In overall quality, the Character is largely over.
I also had the POD XT, my guitarist has the POD X3 Line6 and can be left to surrender.

The pros:
The strength
Sound (very good harmonic content and it does not look like a mere distortion filtered)
The excellent speaker simulation.
The equalization very fine and soft, without honeycomb amount treble
The drive that goes far enough.
The mushy side of serious correction (Some will see it as a default).

The -:
The mushy side of the correct (Some will see it as a quality).
Oddly pervasive mediums once disengaged cab simulation.
The parameter whose character most of the race is useless.
It lacks a bit of momentum to get a little closer to the simulated amplifier.

We meet here face a very good pedal amp simulation, and the high gain, it's a real feat when you know how it is not obvious.
Good effort from Tech 21 and I hope they continue.

With a tube power section, you end up with a good hybrid amp.
With experience, it is a choice that I could do it again.