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Guitar Amp Simulation Pedals user reviews

  • Vox Tonelab ST

    Vox Tonelab ST - " have, I am disappointed!"


    Digital course, with a lamp in alibi. No adjustment of input level, which requires reprogramming while changing guitar, thank you very much. Moreover to scroll you must press each time, so do not discount go 0-40 in a long press on a button, it is …

  • Tech 21 Liverpool

    Tech 21 Liverpool - " Surprisingly ... :)"


    Pedal for reproducing the sounds Vox AC 6 fully analog buttons. Level, Character, Drive, Mid, Low, High I chose the original version because it is still 30 € less than the other nine which is of no use to me (version 2 can disengage the type HP …

  • Line 6 POD HD500

    Line 6 POD HD500 - " Its good to know that being patient"


    Everything has already been said! Pedal FULLY configurable. With POD edit, you can control, effects, amps, as well as the surface of the bracket: you can call a button to one or more effects, also the expression pedal that can be called on any…

  • Boss FDR-1 Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb Amp

    Boss FDR-1 Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb Amp - " Strange indeed ..."


    Pedal boss who promises to emulate a fender deluxe reverb 65 'thanks to COSM technology. A robust metal shell (very pretty, it looks like Tolex), a 9v power supply input, a jack in, jack out and roll youth! UTILIZATION a two-band EQ, a reverb, ga…

  • Line 6 POD HD500

    Line 6 POD HD500 - " pod room"


    All known effects, editable via the pod or Mac Pc Digital All known connectors UTILIZATION Configuring pods in general easy edition but tiny screens (zoom g3 thank you for the screens even if there are only that good) SOUND QUALITY So…

  • Tech 21 SansAmp Classic

    Tech 21 SansAmp Classic - thegoofisonfire's review


    distortion / overdrivre / amp simulator to pr guitars AND basses lamps any analog true bypass Hand-assembled in the USA everything else has been said below UTILIZATION config is simple, but must be patient pr find her!! if the potenti…

  • Joyo JF-16 British Sound

    Joyo JF-16 British Sound - " very good preamp typical "British" from JOYO"


    it is a pedal preamp sensible reproduce the sound of Marshall amps (in fact, the knob "voicing" would approach several types of marshall sounds, the more vintage the nastiest / modern). Note that Thomann sells the same thing under the name HARLEY …

  • Tech 21 SansAmp GT2 (1st edition)

    Tech 21 SansAmp GT2 (1st edition) - Morby's review


    100% analog preamp. 3 sets of switches with 3 positions: - MIC, which simulates three different positions in front of the microphone amplifier - MOD, three types of gains - AMP, which simulates the Fender / Marshall / Mesa Boogie amps Rem…

  • Line 6 Floor POD Plus

    Line 6 Floor POD Plus - " simple and effective ultimate pedal!"


    Well, we will not return it, but it is not a multi-effect, you are entitled to 32 amp sims, 16 different models of speakers, 18 different effects, a lot of delays and reverbs relatively complete a super nice chromatic tuner and foremost a bank 124 po…

  • Tech 21 SansAmp GT2

    Tech 21 SansAmp GT2 - " lamps ... why?"


    Several types distos overdrive and all analog UTILIZATION Four knobs, Level, low, high, drive and 3 switches that allow 3 different positions each is simple, clear, concise. SOUND QUALITY I play an Ibanez Jem7 and amplifiers Tech 21 poweramp6…