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Guitar Amp Simulation Pedals user reviews

  • Line 6 POD X3 Live

    Line 6 POD X3 Live - " line 6 x3 live"


    not try on electric guitar. but voice and acoustic there is little to be less choice for acoustic looking good but there is so little happiness that we paufine settings I plug in my mixing table bose bose l1 tonemacht and direct model 1 …

  • Line 6 POD XT Live

    Line 6 POD XT Live - " Good camera: versatile and robust"


    I enjoyed this multi-purpose robust and versatile. It has never dropped unlike the rack model (pod pro). I highly recommend it even if I went for the POD HD500. UTILIZATION The setup is quite simple in its editing software, even if it requires to…

  • Line 6 POD X3 Live

    Line 6 POD X3 Live - fferstler's review


    What are the effects or types of effects available? almost infinite since you can load compléens (on payment) on the line 6 site What technology is used? (Analog, digital, lamp ...) Are they editable? yes Via an editor Mac / PC? yes via the smal…

  • Line 6 POD HD500

    Line 6 POD HD500 - " Excellent"


    Data are known, see previous opinion. (But given the opportunities and the price is really good.) UTILIZATION The manual is not included in the original box it is necessary to download. This is not very convenient because I can print but it is st…

  • Vox Tonelab EX

    Vox Tonelab EX - " Yes, but ..."


    A multi-purpose, thus we find ... effects! But also emulations of amps and cabs. Digital technology + lamp Full connectivity, jack, SPDIF and USB port. So not bad (just a reproach, not double output jack, so a little more complicated for stereo l…

  • Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21

    Behringer V-Tone Guitar GDI21 - " subtle adjustment ....."


    everything has been said, ca modeled amps, with shades rather questionable we like the EQ, and distortion too METAL jack, xlr UTILIZATION manual, or that??? SOUND QUALITY efffet very average, nothing magical filter ca especially bass and…

  • Amt Electronics R1 Mesa Rectifier

    Amt Electronics R1 Mesa Rectifier - " Stunning!"


    Preamp pedal size Alim by 9V battery or transformer (not supplied) settings: level / Gain / Bass / Middle / trebble 1 Amp output Table 1 output mix (HP Integrated simulation) Techno: simulation of light UTILIZATION Setup could not …

  • Line 6 POD HD300

    Line 6 POD HD300 - "is the ball!"


    Everything has been said ... The pedal is robust, comprehensive level of connectivity, it's just a shame not to have placed an on / off switch, but hey, this is not really necessary. UTILIZATION The general configuration is simple and intuiti…

  • Tech 21 SansAmp GT2

    Tech 21 SansAmp GT2 - " sounds credible!"


    3 microphone positions / 3 types of saturation / 3 amp types 4 pots: volume / high eq / eq / low gain Garlic sector or 9v battery UTILIZATION intuitive! Manual not helpful SOUND QUALITY no effect but an extensive palette of sounds and s…

  • Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800

    Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800 - " Avoid!"


    already summarized. UTILIZATION already summarized. No, not easy to get a sound out alive, warm, Marshall. SOUND QUALITY I tried it plugged into the PC and frankly, the sound is tight, difficult to exploit. Not natural at all. In "pedal" …