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Vox Tonelab SE
Vox Tonelab SE
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jg_r_e_e_n jg_r_e_e_n
Publié le 04/27/04 à 08:11
The ToneLab recovers roughly the characteristics of the ToneLab, with some effects and more.
Complete information about
s effects were found spread over different sections: pedal, amp, Presence and Noise Reductor, cabinet, modulation, delay and reverb.
The technology used is digital, with a lamp to heat through (although I&#39;m not sure she plays a big part ...).
Software for editing sounds on PC via MIDI can be downloaded from the site of VOX.
It has 4 switch on which it affects what you want. Switch 2 to change banks, switch to the tuner and the effects loop, a control switch (to enable / disable an effect or tap tempo), and two expression pedals
Connectivity level, mono input, stereo output, Midi in / out, effect send / return.
One may regret the absence of a digital output.


Setup is super simple.
Can be assigned two distinct sounds of each pedal, just like an amplifier, a channel A and channel B. (For cons, the last edited channel that is assigned by default on the switch, which can be a bit confusing at first) What makes that total, 8 sounds on each bank accessible by foot.
To make his Son, we choose a patch (channel A or B), we seek a sound Triffouille buttons, and recorded by tapping twice on Write. If you want to copy a patch to another, is pressed once, we put on the target patch, and write on tamping. We can assign names to each patch.
We can assign an effect of each section on a patch.
The assignment of the expression pedals is simple, you press the button assignment, and choose the section on which it will be active. Same for the Control.
For example, if I want a pedal controls the height of the pitch, I choose a pitch in the modulation section, I slap on to affect EXP, EXP1 I choose and I chose Pitch Modulation. If this is the speed of a tremolo, it will speed modulation .. etc ... You can define &#39;thresholds&#39; also, for example, if you want the pitch is not an octave below.
It can also trigger an effect by the control pedal, tap tempo or do. For example, if I want a delay is triggered, I choose a delay in the delay section, and on assignment, I put Delay On / Off
I have not found it as easy as corny.
I ordered my ToneLab SE in Germany, so I had a manual Allemand.j &#39;I sent an email to VOX asked me 48 euros for the record in French ... it hurts. But sincerely, without notice, in 2 hours, you do what you want the ToneLab. It&#39;s really super easy to use.
There are anyway Starter Guides on the website of VOX.
According to one amp or playing on table mix, change a setting in the menu GLOBAL: AP Amp and Line for Ln (table)


This is where it&#39;s the slap.
I have a VOX AC30, and I confess I am not out of place by the ToneLab, both simulations are realistic. Insincere it a hit. It has even more potential than real, because on each amp, there are two gain stages (gain VR and gain), so that you can have a very virile saturated with a simulation of AC30. The present section brings more shine to the additional
I play in a register rather pop / rock, and I&#39;m satisfied. For metalheads, I&#39;m not sure it is fairly saturated, whatever combination of pedals on the amps, it should be possible to reach a result not bad. It is clear that this is not an H & K WARP.
In any case, for distos rock not too fat and crunch biting, I have not found better. I have a Line6 DM4 in, it has nothing to do.
I play a Les Paul with P90, is connected to a mixing desk Yamaha MG12 / 4, or on a VOX AC30
The sounds I prefer: in effect, I find that there is no throwing, except maybe the filter and the talk in the mod section modulation ... I do not see what I can do, in fact ...
The Wha wha is really excellent, the autowha too. distos amp combined with the color really nice lead sound, although we must not abuse, failing to have the breath.
The amp models are really great. Each amp has a completely different color, and then what joy to be able to change the speaker on the fly. The tweed cartonnent, the VOX as well. Otherwise, it sounds great, but not knowing the real amps, I can not go too far on modeling
Modulations cartonnent, tremolo, rotary speaker on the phaser, the mod delay (to combine with another delay for a nice double delay).
I&#39;m not a fan of chorus, but even if I do not use it, it looks to turn properly.
The delays are really great (the reverse delay is stunning .... ....)
The Noise Reductor is effective, but tends to eat a lot of sustain I think.


I use the ToneLab SE for a little over a week.
I was not connected mutlieffet (if you can call it a multi-effect), I like the roots, with the pedals around.
What I like most is not having to juggle between the pedals to change the sound, it&#39;s super convenient to switch from one amp to another, with or without the effect ... while pressing a single switch.
The sound is really great credibility (I do not have Mickey Mouse ears either), with a dynamic that I have found on any multi-effect that I tested (including the infamous BOSS GT6 ...).
As I said above, I&#39;m not sure that the lamp does play a role, because when you turn on the multi, it turns on right away (not like on a real amp). There&#39;s a small LED behind that is there to give the color of the lamp heater. In my opinion, it is purely marketing.
Still regret (except the lack of digital output), I find that the deflection of expression pedals is quite limited compared to a real Wha Wha ... it&#39;s still super playable.
I tried a few models before you buy it, but it has no real competitor (maybe soon a line6?).
The value for money is nickel, since the effects are of quality. I paid a little more expensive than in Paris, at around 600 euros, but at least I .. gnarf!
I chilled this choice without hesitation. It&#39;s a safe bet when it does demand too distos bourrines .. Finally, it is my opinion.
Moir made some remarks on the many points that I forgot to mention, I will complete the notice accordingly.
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