Avid Eleven Rack
Avid Eleven Rack

Eleven Rack, Guitar Amp Simulation Rack from Avid in the Eleven series.

jkessel 04/30/2012

Avid Eleven Rack : jkessel's user review

"Amazing tone and feel in one hell of a box!!"

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It was pretty easy to setup. Came with some good presets but like all modelers most weren't. Little tweaking changed that and made this thing little thing so much better. It's very plug n play, other units like the Axe FX and Line6 stuff has so many tweak options that you end up spending more time tweaking than you do playing. This thing is more like a bunch of nice amps, cabs, mics, and effects. Pick the setup you want, and start playing. No deep editing to get lost in, messing with tube sag, tube bias, and all that stuff that gets confusing. The manual is very informative, never left me asking questions.


When they first came out there was a few bugs that most had to be sent back to Avid (on their dime) but after the fix it's worked perfectly with zero problems. Mine came with Pro Tools LE 8.4, new ones come with Pro Tools 9 (full version) with a free upgrade to 10. I've never been a big pro tools fan but it was nice to have the options. The USB jack is a little finicky on the 11 Rack, any little bump and my computer wouldn't recognize it anymore. Had to reboot my computer to fix it. No big deal, just little annoying.


My favorite thing was the feel, really got close to that real tube feel. Had that sponginess that other modelers and solid state amps just don't get. Some of the models sound dead on to the amp and there's comparisons out there to prove it. Others while very close still weren't quite there, but still very usable. For the price it's an amazing unit, definitely beats over 3x for an axe fx. I've used dozens of different modelers dating as far back as the original digitech RP1 in 1992, nothing can touch the 11 Rack. While it doesn't have all the options of some of the bigger ones IMO the tone and feel on this are much better than any of the competition.