DigiTech GSP1101
DigiTech GSP1101

GSP1101, Guitar Amp Simulation Rack from DigiTech in the GSP series.

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Flex le groove 01/17/2013

DigiTech GSP1101 : Flex le groove's user review

« Not bad but there are better ones »

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See other reviews for the features.

Important point: This product hasn't been updated by Digitech for several years.
But there are unofficial updates on the internet.

It can be edited on Mac and PC.

I have never tried it out for "reamping" so I don't know if it works fine or not


Easy to use. The knobs make editing easier.


It's not bad to work at home.
The less fortunate of us can eventually use it live.

Overall, the emulations are quite all right.
Be it for clean or distorted sounds.
Although there are some emulations that aren't so great, but that's a matter of taste.


Good product, although technologically outdated for computer music use.
In my opinion, AVID's Eleven seems better, for example.