DigiTech GSP1101
DigiTech GSP1101

GSP1101, Guitar Amp Simulation Rack from DigiTech in the GSP series.

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ryback08 01/24/2013

DigiTech GSP1101 : ryback08's user review

« Nice unit »

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100% digital technology, 1U rack format
One of THE ONLY amp simulators with preamp loop.
Midi, usb connections (soundcard and editing with the Xedit software)

Comprehensive connection options (USB, Midi, preamp loop, XLR or jack output with the possibility to apply the cab simulation only to the XLR output). It lacks nothing except for relay outputs to switch the amp head or preamp channels.

Firmware version beta C63, which unfortunately isn't updated anymore (at least since 2010) - http://www.mustbebeta.com/


The use and editing of parameters is very easy, thanks to the Xedit software (but be careful because when you connect a PC it makes digital noise).
It's also clear and intuitive with the rack's interface, but I prefer not to use it.

The effects chain can't be modified (unlike with axeFX), but it is coherent and allows you to cover a wide sound scope.

You have available:
Wah - Compressor - Distortion - Noise Gate - Amp modeling - Cab- Equalizer - Chorus/Fx - Delay - Reverb.
Obviously, with the possibility to bypass the amp modeling to use an external preamp and that's what makes this unit so interesting because the quality of the effects is very good for the price.

Nevertheless, the effects are pretty traditional, so you might be disappointed if you are looking for something more atmospheric and space-like.

I control it with a modified GSP1101, without regrets (not easy at first).


It's transparent regarding the timbre of the instruments. No plops or latency when switching presets.

The effects are well accomplished. Lexicon reverb, the wah is awesome, several good delays... everything is of very good quality. In terms of effects and value for money, this device is wonderful.

Now, the question here, as with any other digital unit, is whether the distortions are up to standard? Certainly not. It's THE unit's biggest drawback. The distortion has no dynamics, it doesn't respond to the volume control and it always has the same tone, it's far from the quality of an axefx or an overloud in terms of sound and response. In short, it never thrilled me and I have never stopped using my Hughes & Kettner Access analog preamp connected to the preamp loop.

However, I'm glad the emulation option is available on this model: It's always useful to have an emulator at hand if the preamp drops dead in the middle of a show (that's real life!).


I've been using it since it first came out and have never had any issues.
I previously had a Rocktron Xpression and it was a real pain to edit things, plus it didn't have a preamp loop.

Personally, digitech has disappointed me because they haven't held their promises and have never updated this unit (officially) with functions worthy of the digitech name that make us drool (impulse response for cab simulations, quality amp modeling). Especially when you know the device allows it. It's a pity for a unit aimed at PROs, which will make me think it twice with newer products of the brand.

This GSP1101 remains a safe bet. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again. It's a wise decision for a rack.