MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver
MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver

MC401 Boost/Line Driver, Guitar/Bass booster from MXR.

tarz200tdi 09/13/2014

MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver : tarz200tdi's user review

«  quiet but formidable tool »

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everything has already been written, including the location of the PSU painful (but hey, having 3 mxr on the pedalboard you get used ...).


I hesitated at (front or loop) and stopped at a front panel operation.
it gives the following chaining:
guitar => tuner => wah => send the Gate => mxr 401 CAE booster => in the amp (orange TH30) => send the amp => return the Gate => delay => return to amp
it has already been written but actually the ideal is to have two, one in front and one in the loop.
for my part I wanted to have both a clean boost and a "third channel" on my orange. the beast is fulfilling its role!


We attack the real subject, and in a word: SU-PER-BE
In clean I have a fairly transparent boost, but bounces medium very dynamically in the right hand, with a very warm and sexy rendering.
In drive, I finally use it as an overdrive for lead parts, or as a third channel on a piece that uses crunch and saturation ...
Used knob to 0 and is an excellent buffer that adds color to the guitar signal.

The grain is really good!
I've never used 18V, I expect to come across the power supply that goes just to test.


I hesitated with Xotic, but in the end I am very happy with my choice, with a price / quality ratio OCCAZ my ideal sense.

The only drawback is that it takes a perfect world in his own two pedalboard ...