MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver
MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver

MC401 Boost/Line Driver, Guitar/Bass booster from MXR.

AceLeppard 07/21/2013

MXR MC401 Boost/Line Driver : AceLeppard's user review

«  Perfect for me, it does exactly what is asked! »

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Clean Boost Analog 0 to 20 dB in collaboration with Bob Bradshaw of Custom Audio Electonics.

A single knob level.
In one entry, exit out, a power plug (9 or 18v).

As usual with housings Mxr type can blame him access to the hard and the positioning of the power outlet stack, while it does not bother me at all and the pedal is easily integrated into my pedalboard.

Pedal inspires confidence, it seems well built and solid.


The general configuration is basic is simple: a single knob manages the boost level. I do not have to read the manual.

You have to think to put the pedal effects loop if it is to increase the volume and only the volume of the amp. Placed in front a boost gain transparent and efficient too (Slash appears and boost their heads Marshall) is obtained.

Editing sounds is easy anyway as the pedal is transparent.


The effect is really super efficient: I am provided to add a few dB of boost when starting a solo, and that's exactly what makes the pedal once it is placed in the loop of amplifier.

Since it is transparent, it works well with all my guitars (Stratocaster, Flying V. ..)

To be able to try it in the past in front of an amp set to crunch, the boost can push towards a more frank distortion without changing the overall character or equalization.


I use it for about two weeks, I'm thrilled. The reputation of this booster is to be one of the most transparent market and it is deserved.

I once owned a Micro Amp Mxr also from home and she was not as "clean". I am also filled with my Xotic Ep Booster, but it brings the desired color that I really prefer that the front loop.

The quality / price ratio of this Mxr Booster / Line Driver is justified.
This choice I would gladly if I loose the pedal or if I have to design a second pedalboard.