Artec CHR-3 Stereo Chorus
Artec CHR-3 Stereo Chorus

CHR-3 Stereo Chorus, Chorus for Guitar from Artec in the Custom series.

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ritonhue 05/06/2011

Artec CHR-3 Stereo Chorus : ritonhue's user review

«  Although slight hiss but »

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Analog chorus effect, specified "true bypass (after use I would say" almost ")

4 Control and an on / off switch
A good solid case
Input / Output Jacks ok. Stereo possible if one has a stereo jack plug in 6.5 to two amps ..

The 9v battery cover plastic is a little cheap.


Easy to use, I had no manual (purchased used).
The knobs respond well.

IMPORTANT: I ​​do not use the stereo output. It might be interesting for some.


Not bad sound possible, with the speed and depth of the effect. A good range of sounds.

Feedback button is used in conjunction with the "manual" which, according to my ear, settles a center frequency of feedback (more or less acute depending on the setting of "Manual").
Beware if the feedback is too big = big snore super loud. Paid sparingly :-)

It blows when the effect is engaged! Much less when it is not.

FYI I tested with an ES335-like (source Cort) on an AC15 CC1. And also with a Start on the same amp.


1 year I have:

The hatch of the battery is dead (plastic).
Besides, she eats a lot the batteries (I have a battery), but it is characteristic of modulation pedals in general. I used the batteries because of big problems with noise type power supply cord multi + small transformer. (And even a single transformer connected to the pedal alone with my gear).

The sound is completely correct, too bad it blows.