Behringer Ultra Chorus UC100
Behringer Ultra Chorus UC100

Ultra Chorus UC100, Chorus for Guitar from Behringer.

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Thibault des Walker Texas Bang Bang 07/05/2007

Behringer Ultra Chorus UC100 : Thibault des Walker Texas Bang Bang's user review


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It is a chorus cheap (20 euros)
Basic plastic pedal Apart from that nothing makes him a default that the nivo ...


4 button then nothing conpliquée Here is a chorus. (True?) Stereo


It's a good chorus pti cheap, so that's a side of a polychorus has more than 200 euros in Electro Harmonix can not conparer pti but a fact like that is fun and then there must be more than 3 or 4 times the price for one notable difference Audible and again ... So here
Edit: Infact the chorus is pretty good, I had the opportunity to conparer with the chorus of 50 and ME that of the micro cube and the chorus is doing much better, it is very soft warm my musical taste now.


Well it's a nice little chorus cheap! has not to expect Wonder, either! Throw away but for 20 euros you over if you have a budget tight and that this effect is not the center of your conpositions, like that from time to time in Morco is very nice!