Behringer Ultra Chorus UC100
Behringer Ultra Chorus UC100

Ultra Chorus UC100, Chorus for Guitar from Behringer.

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albator651 12/03/2005

Behringer Ultra Chorus UC100 : albator651's user review


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The pedals can be found in a plastic case.
The buttons are plastic knobs.
The location of the battery is a little space, it is necessary to blow the cover
to put the battery (which is not a book ... and yes that price).
The knobs are strange to the touch, while some are soft, others resist one anymore
and look for the best quality shot.
There is a switching diode ON / OFF.

Having said all at first sight is a little less "cheap" than I expected.
And you almost believe that the case is metal so we only look at it.


The sound setup is fairly simple, one quickly finds its sound settings, the knobs can be used on all their courses, textbooks can be a limit, it basically says the action of the settings of knobs on the sound.


Ben's weird, the sound can be excellent, or rotten as the amp used.
I have two in my amp, a Peavey Studio Pro 112 and a Marshall VS80 on the peavey no problem, I even bluff the sound of that pedals for a ridiculous price, and in the effects loop c is even better! But the Marshall is the disaster, which is key to setting Tone ca crachouille and the effect becomes almost unusable, it is felt a little less in the loop but it's still degueux.

Bizarremnt and a VS 100, the effect does not live but spent nickel in the loop ... go figure.

I remain mixed for the sound quality ....


Ben for such a price should not refuse but should if possible try before, make or break. But when it happens we say that frankly Boss and all other abuses with pedals was 100euros ...