Electro-Harmonix Small Clone Mk2
Electro-Harmonix Small Clone Mk2

Small Clone Mk2, Chorus for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix in the Clone series.

machefer 11/24/2004

Electro-Harmonix Small Clone Mk2 : machefer's user review


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Well, then, in a good mtal case we have:
a stomp switch, one knob, a switch between a jack, output jack, a power supply socket format mini-jack, a trap (visse. ..) to 9v battery included (but not the power supply .. .), everything for about 100 euros and comes in a small wooden box ...
Long live the simplicity in a world of raw
I note 7 for the power supply is not provided ...


While the fastoche:
The jumper switch is used to choose between one or more soft chorus prononcbr /> RULES on the intensity of the effect with knob
super simple, super effective!
They are thought to include malaise (remain polite) at EHX because there is a manual 8 lines ...


Super efficient, therefore:
is an analog chorus (j'lai disassemble ...) that is sending the sauce!
trs musical, it is very simple rgler and the sound is the result of
the sound of that little box is truly magical!
a small problem though: once the effect is triggered lgrement drop the volume of the amp, and it is even clearer when placed in the effects loop (there may be SETTING THE trigger a do ...)


For the price, it's really any good:
great sound (better, my ears, as much more sophisticated chorus), easy to use (so reparamtrable quickly between two pieces!), the range of rglages broadly covers all of Sidrat a guitarist, despite little apparent rglages, great sound .... I know j'lai dj MRIT crit but it really!
A little chorus refreshing ...
try, you will probably be won