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keskidi38 12/30/2012

Palmer Chorus : keskidi38's user review

«  Palmer PECHOR Chorus, And the finesse! »

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See the technical description of the product.

This effect is completely analog (subjectively) transparent. A box and a seemingly solid grip on the pedal which allows a good grip on the ground.

The look is simple but class, and it is registered "Chorus" above. It may sound simplistic, but it is a statement to me.

Its not editable Two holes will fix in case.


Three buttons .... this is more than enough! As it is written above, it produces a chorus and nothing else.

Simplicity with three functions: Rate, Depth and Intensity.

Search Sound is a ease.


This is where it all happens. This pedal produces only the chorus, it was not expected to make the coffee, the sound of the death that has ever heard or other weirdness.

But against what beautiful chorus, more or less deep with an important nuance depending on the setting. This is the kind of effect that I call "good taste." It does one thing and does it well.

No problem of breath, or other crachouillis buzz, the stereo is simple but musical.

Yes, that I was looking for the formula, this effect produces a chorus "musical".

I use it with my Archtops its super clean, a bit like "lee ritenour" (but it works wonders on a popping sound) and my guitars with nylon slip a little (very little) modulation.

I'm not trying to find her. I close my eyes and listen to my setting I found easily.

I long ago looking for a quality effect of this: I found and surprisingly, it is not very expensive.


I use it for a few days, but I used a lot of models for 30 years, whether rack or pedal, and I found an effect well. Warning: we are in the top level there without concession.

The simple, but effective. I join in a loop: preamp, reverb lamp and chorus, period! With that, we toured the world without any problem.

Then the value for money is great!

I reparlerais the next few months to inform the development of problem.

The feature I like the most: the fineness of its product, stylish and lightweight! this is important and this effect reached this performance.