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Father Phaser 05/11/2013

Palmer Chorus : Father Phaser's user review

«  Effective and no frills »

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This is a pedal for guitar (analog transistor with truebypass), one input and two outputs 6.35mm (left output = mono).
Super sturdy construction.
Powered by 9V transformer not supplied, or battery.
1 foot switch to bypass entrenched and 3 knobs to adjust the housing Rate, Depth and Intensity (Speed, Depth and Effect Level).
More details of the features here:


Using extremely simple.
The manual does not make you an intellectual bilingual (English / German). All technical specifications are, perhaps an illustration to show how pressing the foot-switch with his foot, and two picks come with pedal unfortunately work with any of my keyboard is missing.


Chorus quite "Glasnost", the modulation possibilities range from "subtle" to "very audible and very fast."
I use it on an old organ GEM without chorus, the G50, which is similar to this model:
This modulation is missing from this machine! Insert in the output of the organ, I retain its nature the instrument if the 3 knobs are at minimum (without turning the truebypass so), and all of it's dance background those old transistors!


Used for 2 weeks, I will inform you in case of sudden death or rapid degradation of the sound quality of the object.
The Q / P ratio is excellent for those seeking a chorus modulation without coloring.