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LeoSpirit 03/04/2012

Palmer Chorus : LeoSpirit's user review

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Analog stereo chorus with true bypass and three settings (intensity, depth, speed).
The metal box is a little big but it's really tough.


It's really piece of cake. One branch, turn knobs and presto. There must have been a manual, but it is not necessary.


Very transparent, it's a nice chorus. Simple and effective I think he can adapt wherever the need arises a chorus. I use it with a Godin Freeway, a hall of fame and a VOX amp AC4TV mini or a Marshall JCM.
I actually use a fairly discreet (no chorus that nauseous although it is possible). It's the little extra that sublime arpeggios. Really top quality, I do not see what you can expect more of a chorus but I confess I am not an expert in chorus.
Maybe some demanding (and it should be) who likes vintage sounds repprocheront him not to be particularly warm or soft. It is very clear for me the color and warmth come from the amp.


I use it for four months. For me this is not the effect to be noticed too, it just denser sound, makes it more singing. To do this little box at Palmer (who has cracked Christophe Godin for that matter) is perfect.
Before I had a Tonelab LE and its chorus that I found nice. If that is simpler, there is not as many styles as possible chorus, just the basic one but it does it well, with more transparency than the Tonelab and widely enough for me.
Everything is good and more for a really nice price. With the experience I would do without this choice to look elsewhere.