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Marshall Guitar Combo Amplifiers news

  • [NAMM] Will the Marshall AFD5 finally debut ?

    [NAMM] Will the Marshall AFD5 finally debut ?

    01/23/13 in Marshall AFD5 Slash Signature

    The 5W Marshall AFD Slash Signature guitar amplifier is back in rumored again for the Winter NAMM 2013. Will it finally be launched this year ?

  • [NAMM] Marshall Turns 50

    [NAMM] Marshall Turns 50

    01/21/12 in Marshall 1990s DSL1C

    Marshall celebrates its 50th anniversary at NAMM with a series of "Celebration" models.

  • Marshall JMD501 Review

    Marshall JMD501 Review

    06/28/10 in Marshall JMD501

    Every guitar player knows Marshall and its cult amp series that has been manufactured for over 40 years now. Sometimes praised, sometimes criticized – everyone has certainly heard about the Marshall Plexi, JMP and JCM800, some of which even became reference products. After the launch of a new all-tube series (JVM), a solid-state series (MGFX) and …

  • [NAMM] Marshall MG2FX

    [NAMM] Marshall MG2FX

    01/14/10 in Marshall MG2FX

    Marshall Amplification is now shipping the MG2FX Mini Guitar Amplifier.

  • [NAMM] Marshall Class 5 Combo

    [NAMM] Marshall Class 5 Combo

    01/14/10 in Marshall Class 5 Combo [2009-2010]

    Marshall Amplification is exhibiting the Class5, a combo guitar amplifier that offers all-valve (tube) tone in a simple format.

  • Marshall Announces MA Series Guitar Amplifiers

    Marshall Announces MA Series Guitar Amplifiers

    10/20/09 in Marshall MA50C

    The MA Series amps are dressed in the traditional Marshall black and gold, and emblazoned with the white Marshall logo.

  • Marshall MG2FX

    Marshall MG2FX

    07/02/09 in Marshall MG2FX

    Marshall Amplification has added the portable MG2FX to its popular MG4 line of guitar amps.

  • [Musikmesse] New Marshall Haze Series

    [Musikmesse] New Marshall Haze Series

    04/03/09 in Marshall MHZ40C

    Marshall Amplification has introduced the new Haze line of compact and portable valve-driven performance amplifiers: the 40-Watt Haze combo (MHZ40C) and the 15-Watt Haze head (MHZ15).

  • New Marshall MG4 Series

    New Marshall MG4 Series

    03/17/09 in Marshall MG4

    Marshall Amplification has renovated its MG guitar amp lineup with the new MG4 Series.

  • [NAMM] Samson Audio Expedition XPL Serie

    [NAMM] Samson Audio Expedition XPL Serie

    01/19/08 in Marshall AVT100X

    Samson Introduces update to their Portable PA systems with the new Expedition XPL Series