Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Big Jack - Modded by MSM Workshop
Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Big Jack - Modded by MSM Workshop

CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Big Jack - Modded by MSM Workshop, Compressor/Sustainer for Guitar from Boss.

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celtwyn 09/25/2012

Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer - Big Jack - Modded by MSM Workshop : celtwyn's user review

«  it changes everything! »

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It is a compression sustainer pedal ... see the features of the original ...


use sounds simple, but there is no example in the manual, so you have to look for or even what we want. I think they could develop a little more for beginners. it's always good to say that the pedal is very simple, it gives the impression of being intelligent, but more subtle indications were welcome ... especially when you buy the original version ... one wonders if our settings or pedal kidding ...


Well here it is clear ... After the change, it has nothing to do with the original!

Much less noise, we can go further in the race knobs unhindered.
This is how the pedal should be when you buy it! I do not understand why Boss continues to sell pedals behind other change to make better. There is not a problem for them? If we must improve their pedals is that they hurt the starting job, right? What they expect to challenge?

I dwell on all the details that sound change, although others have described, but frankly, if you buy this pedal, think about the change, otherwise it is not worth it!


I installed yesterday (24 September 2012) after receiving the kit. Explanations are sufficient, we must ask, have the appropriate gear (iron, tin, key to remove the nuts ...) take your time (it is not a speed contest, to do it well), but it worth it. This is true when you get components, we say that it is not € 20 ... but some are not easy and then you still have to pay the nanar which is glued to create this mod, because having the components, it is one thing, but knowing how to improve or put the pedal is another.
And frankly the result, I'm glad that someone created this mod!
The value for money is excellent for me: I paid 40 euros pedal occas (nickel) and they offered me the kit. But I expected the purchase price of the pedal, and frankly 60 euros for a pedal better than the new 99 €, why deny it?!

After you know it you get by with a soldering iron, do not hesitate to make the change by MSM, the price is not exorbitant and must still count that it takes a little time to get everything, so be well pay the guy who works over at your place, this is normal. ;-)
on the other hand .. little detail ... I found the blue LED too bright (as in Berhinger). The red LED is Boss "scattering", while the blue provides is "directional" ... Briefly, when turned on, it was good in the eyes, and it dazzles too! I've spent the sandpaper to make ultrathin opaque and diffusive (as I do on my Berhinger, if this is the end of masking tape directly on the LED!). it is closer to the red LED effect Boss, we can see that it is blue, but it kills more eyes:-D