Boss DD-7 Digital Delay
Boss DD-7 Digital Delay
MGR/Billy 03/10/2011

Boss DD-7 Digital Delay : MGR/Billy's user review

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This is the white Boss Digital Delay model DD-7 delay pedal. Boss has in the past had the DD-3, DD6, but really won with the DD-7. All the features of the DD-3 with tap tempo, longer delays and a looping option which allows you to loop something for up to 40 seconds.

I bought this online I think from Musicians Friend. $149, free shipping, but it is a Boss pedal, they are pretty much available at any guitar shop. Don't be afraid to buy them used either, Boss builds a tank of a pedal!

Tap tempo (you need a separate pedal like the FS-5L footswitch to use it) but it is cool and makes things easy.

Reverse does exactly what is says it does.

Analog gives it sort of a quieter/dirty delay tone similar to the great analog and tape delays.

None besides having to buy a footswitch to use the Tap Tempo option, but it only set me back $25 and an extra patch cable so I won't fuss too much.

Great. I will sound like a broken record, but Boss builds very durable and giggable quality gear. Is giggable even a word?

Plenty of delay options for $150 in one pedal with a format you are already familiar with.

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