Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy
Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy

Memory Boy, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix in the Memory series.

FAiRLiGHT 02/19/2011

Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy : FAiRLiGHT's user review

«  It's alive in there! »

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Basically it looks like a delay pedal but in fact this contains much more than that!

Firstly it is fully analog and that's good!

Otherwise apart from the period for which you could buy it, know it is able to provide you with a chorus, vibrato and even reverb! (And I have not yet said)

In short it's almost a multi effect: p

Level connections, the traditional INPUT and OUTPUT, the power supply connector (food provided) and a jack for an expression pedal

For controls, a knob to adjust the DELAY .... period! A DEPTH to adjust the modulation (chorus and vibrato) BLEND mix between the input signal and the treaty to settle FEEDBACK repetition delay or reverb if you're modulation, a switch to change the waveform modulation and finally a 3-position switch to change from chorus to vibrato and use the expression pedal


At first everything seems simple but .... AC is not, at least until you have understood some basic principles on this pedal:

- It's a lively pedal, turn the knobs in all directions, set the switches and she goes into self oscillation 1 / 4 turn, you'll eat up the sounds of the wind that blows to the police siren passing by phone, make sure to read the brief paragraphs that follow if you want to operate outside of the experiment

1 - FEEDBACK: never more than half of the race if not .... you'll see: D
2 - DELAY DEPTH: From the moment one of these knobs are turned to the other must be 0! Use the DELAY for the delay and DEPTH for vibrato / chorus otherwise .... you'll see: D
3 - For a beautiful chorus, select chorus of the mode switch 3 positions, sine wave, delay 0, depth thoroughly mix halfway (more or less depending on the desired effect), feedback to 0
4 - To a beautiful vibrato, vibrato mode, Sine, Delay 0, depth 1 / 4 race, blend to your liking, feedback 0

Hint: to get a reverb on the vibrato / chorus, turn feedback to increase the level of reverb

And for those who want to experiment, do exactly the opposite of what I just said! : P


Nothing to say about the effects, the delay is magnificent, chorus and vibrato too small hidden reverb is not bad either, all that breathes good analog.
I really like the pitch that you touch the product qd knob Delay in full play, on stage remember to adjust before playing anyway: D


A very good time (dare I say multi effects?) I do not regret having bought especially given its capabilities that go far beyond what I wanted. And what about the prices, without commercials, I bought it on Eurogi ...... for 89 €!

It's not worth it to go without ... deprive .... .... deny deny .... zdoing scrii rrrrrrriiiiing

***$$$ Violation of rules 1 and 2 of the code using this pedal $$$***