Rocktron Short Timer Delay
Rocktron Short Timer Delay

Short Timer Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Rocktron in the Boutique series.

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jessus 04/19/2008

Rocktron Short Timer Delay : jessus's user review


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The post below is complete thank you rev ​​it.


While opening the box style box supermarkets that you love with all, one is struck by the lgert the beast. It's good manufacturing robust sthtique, no parasite.
The knobs are a little too sensitive and I got parraissent fragile.
One can easily find the trs is a simple to use.
Good because there is no notice


The effect is efficient trs, trs is a beautiful vintage delay a little with some positions lgre reverb knob.
We just go on a short delay mode with the little button on the right, I think it would intrressent t put a foot switch but it's not too bad.
With this little bit we get a Bitonio regain his trs trs rockab which is nice, seeing a trmolo.


I use it for a year and am fully satisfied.
I try ibanez delay, too much clutter but certainly a good pedal
The boss but too expensive.
I have a man coming STREO mmory ending for
I also use the delay of the Marshall MG100
zoom and other multi effects boss whose GT3

I have chosen for its simplicity and the quality of the product. I advise those who pedal this search something with its own versatile and enjoyable.
Moreover it is not expensive trs, I pay 60 euros and I will leave on my pedal board rate of Hazaras because I keep account (when I get a vieu Deumilhuitar who play the tricks of his