Rocktron Short Timer Delay
Rocktron Short Timer Delay

Short Timer Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Rocktron in the Boutique series.

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crazyfrenchy 12/24/2006

Rocktron Short Timer Delay : crazyfrenchy's user review


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So here is the full name of the pedals: Rocktron Short Timer Retro Digital Delay
Submitted to the pedals in a robust and Casing mtal rglages these are available to it:
A Level knob to rgler the level of the effect (yes, yes, I swear ...)
A knob rgnration for the number of rgler rptition, ranging from 1 to infinity (and the DCON I not when I say infinity, the sound you invaded , jai dye the pedals so the clusters as given limpression Jallais drown in the sound!)
A knob Time, anyone's guess ^ ^.
A very nice little button that can switch dun Delay said a short delay further progress, and finally the switch that allows you to enable / disable leffet.
When it is activated a small blue Lumire occurs. This is clearly visible.
Its a mono Delay (Ba EST trs not useful in the stro a combo or a 4x12, and even used a little to be said for short ^ ^) and Short said. Yeah, finally taking a much APRS Loop Station
The only thing that could possibly Dranger certain is what is quite cumbersome seen what took place almost two pedals, something that personally I do not drang.
Well, what more could a level CHARACTERISTICS pedals? May be that the button Short / Shorter is time that will integrate switch. Yeah, cest be choosy, but hey, go, I'll call for a 9


No manual supplied with the pedals, but hey, cest ncessaire not really. This is nanmoins available in the language of Shakespeare on the site of Rocktron, trs site RALIS well also. In terms of the food, the choice EST, sector or cell. The battery compartment is located directly below the pedals, so trs accessible and, oh surprise, the battery is included! I prcise quen below the pedals are four large viteront grips that any movement of it.


Before this dacheter PDAL, jai test the Boss Digital Delay, Delay pedals a brand Onerr the home Belcat Delay, and I play rgulirement the simulation of Delay POD 2.0 and the V-amp 2.
If jai took the Rocktron, you can imagine that because I cest lai prfr to others, yes, but why? I will try to mexpliquer (even if not win EST ^ ^).
Dj THE FIRST impression (Determines often, but I do not teach you anything) that jai was once the branch EST pedals that are plugged and ringing in the sense that jai was not hacking an hour to get the sound I was looking the other hand pedals. The fact quon relatively easy to exploit its potential silent a good dj. Deuxime thing, the button Short / Shorter, which I think is really a good rev IDE and adds to the possibility of the pedals. Shorter mode is perfect for rockabilly, the solos in gnral or just to give depth to the sound. Short dobtenir mode allows a longer delay. I prcise that I have never quau t over 2 / 3 of the time. Cot's, jai particulirement apprci his little cot old school that made him dmarquer other.


A good trs Delay pedals, I got the best one, but given t test.
When I test lay in store, I washed seen 109. By searching the Internet, it is found almost half the price (see the German sites in general).
In short, a good delay his little personality!