Rocktron Short Timer Delay
Rocktron Short Timer Delay

Short Timer Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Rocktron in the Boutique series.

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raffaello 07/05/2010

Rocktron Short Timer Delay : raffaello's user review

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Small but nice short delay. But imitating the digital analog echo effect type vintage short and a bit dirty. At least with Rocktron they have the honesty to state that it is digital, not like all these "false" as Belcat analog pedals, or Biyang Artec.


The config is very simple, it is the same as every delay. 3 knobs: one level for the level of his rehearsals, regeneration for the number of repetitions, and time for time delay. A switch short-shorts: the race of knob time goes from 0 to 200 ms in shorts, then 200 to 400 ms in shorts. True bypass switch. As against that Crame batteries too fast, you really use it with a PSU. It is big enough anyway.


The effect is really great. I know some swear by analog here but even if it was digital sound warm and repetitions that are deteriorating as a vintage echo. You can even make from self oscillation and find sounds weird. The advantage of digital is that it does not sound very bleak, very lo-fi as ehx memory or toy Behringer VM1. I love this pedal even if the delay is short, it's perfect for coloring the sound, for the slapback. Short delay in vintage is perfect.


1 month and that I adore. I hesitated with real analog delay in this price range, and the Behringer VD400 Ibanez DE7 not true bypass, the VM1 and Memory toy too dark. The digital: Belcat, Biyang, Artec, ring well, and liars and more. The only competition is the Carl Martin Red Repeat but 30 euros difference. So I took it without regret, for I have for 50 euros a delay in my style that sounds great.