Rocktron Short Timer Delay
Rocktron Short Timer Delay

Short Timer Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from Rocktron in the Boutique series.

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Lonewolf 02/12/2005

Rocktron Short Timer Delay : Lonewolf's user review


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Digital Delay.
Big box (it takes the place of Boss pedals wholesale) in extruded aluminum super strong and lightweight
Three knobs: Level (mix level of delay), Regeneration (repetitions), Time (ben ... the time between each repeat what)
A switch to switch to a short delay delay ultra short, yes, no is exceeded 400ms, 200 ms position Shorter.
True Bypass Switch
Jack and Jack came out (yes it is mono, no effect ping pong with him)
Diode operation (must be a poor beast 15km)
Cover for a 9v battery and plug for power supply via AC adapter
In short, a delay is simply no stereo, no more than one mode (reverse and co.), But relatively short.


Finger in the noze, we can no longer easy to adjust, very reactive knobs sculpt and you can hear it.

As against the Switch to switch Short Mode Shorter I saw a second stompswitch (the big switch that you skip merrily to activate your belongings band of barbarians) with an LED because there to operate it must be bend over and press with his little finger width (with all the risks that entails: éborgnage singer with a mech of your guitar, pull your shirt mad by the first row ...) or be barefoot operate gently with the tip of his big toe (still risks: rangeos bassist, splinters protruding from boards of the stage ...)

In short not monstrous as default, but it would have been nice to think of gentlemen from Rocktron


Bon ben is a delay while digital con, look not here reverse stereo delay vintage ultra hot (like the eyes of your dear and tender one night valentine well watered) of your dreams.

Here we are dealing with a metallic sound rather dry and ... short.
But good in general, which exceeds 400ms alouées by this one? Heiniger?
I like to do well in clean arpeggios, or give a little distortion in echo effect, I needed a little cheap and Delay not need functions so Yabon 36000


As I said above I falait a small delay cheap (paid approx € 60 from Musik Produktiv ( = 2110081836 & what =% Volltext)), typed too (I've already typed what to do in effect, is not too much) and easy to use.
It completely fulfills the conditions and also it supports very well the power supply via sector which is not necessarily the case for many of the effects of this price range.
I felt my Digitech Digidelay with more complete, more compact, but € 30 more expensive.
Rocktron adopted