TC Electronic Flashback Delay
TC Electronic Flashback Delay

Flashback Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from TC Electronic in the TonePrint series.

hthomas 04/27/2012

TC Electronic Flashback Delay : hthomas's user review

« best delay! get it! »

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This is a killer delay by TC Electronic. It has this cool feature called tone print, which allows you to get pre set delays made by many guitarists out there and put them on this pedal. It works really well for doing this and is very simple to put the tone print on the pedal. The pedal it self is the best sounding delay I've ever used. It has 8 different types of delay and they all sound great. It is a compact pedal and has a mini toggle switch to choose between quarter notes, dotted 8th and 16th notes.


Using this pedal is super simple. The tone print feature is so easy to use and works perfectly every time. IT comes with a usb cable to hook up to your computer and pedal. You can leave all your knobs at noon and choose any delay type and it will work and sound great. Not much tweaking needed unless you are going for a specific delay type.


I use the analog and tape delay. It is the best tape delay I've ever heard. I run this pedal through my FX Loop and it just sounds awesome. THe crisp and clear delays sound amazing through my overdriven amp. The analog delay mixes well with my overdrives and really as a very smooth feel to it. I have recored with this pedal and it comes through a Shure SM57 perfectly. Sounds Great!


I love how easy this pedal is to use. I am able to get much better delays out of this pedal than I have before. Usually I struggle with getting good delay sounds with other pedals but this one it is just easy to do without and headaches. I think the price of this pedal is awesome for what you are getting. TC always makes great quality products and it holds true with this pedal. I plan to get more TC electronic pedals in the future!