TC Electronic Flashback Delay
TC Electronic Flashback Delay

Flashback Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from TC Electronic in the TonePrint series.

guigue106 08/26/2014

TC Electronic Flashback Delay : guigue106's user review

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type of effect? : Delay of any kind
editable? Yes TonePrint via pc / mac non rackable
technology? : Digital rather in my opinion


configuration: yes very simple one turns one tests it sounds
manual? zero need
edition? : Easy


effective? frankly yes but more on the stereo
instrument? : EMM JP60 / jpmp3 jem dna etc ....
I would rather? the tone print clearly
I like least? the delay has black ^^


use? January 2014
the other model? yes de7 Ibanez finally DigiDelay dung what ^^ +

what I like most of all is the TonePrint via my phone, it's still frankly past practice via the small hp phone to instantly changed her, I am currently on "moutain top" petrucci and the stereo it works very very hard.

no need for past 100 years on the pc TonePrint editor with the pedal usb, not that I do not wish to stand out above all with the amount of available preset on the phone are frankly what to do, all c is well update the firmware of each pedal and after ca tranqiullement oats as it should.

once that was the crease and stereo is simply DE-MEN-TIELLE

a part of it!