TC Electronic Flashback Delay
TC Electronic Flashback Delay

Flashback Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from TC Electronic in the TonePrint series.

duguy182 02/04/2012

TC Electronic Flashback Delay : duguy182's user review

" So many delays in a pedal"

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We are dealing here with a delay pedal very complete with lots of different delay, I invite you to read the manual for the beast that explains it all well.

It has the 4 knobs that are the usual level, feedback, delay time and the choice of the delay on which we will have to spend time considering the number of delay that is not counting the tone print.

For original elements, there is easy access to the battery as might already be on the PolyTune the same brand and two dipswitches that allow a kill or not dry and is a true bypass is a buffered bypass.
He also built a looper but I do not use it because the pedal is in my drawer rack.


Usage is very simple and it is very intuitive. All knobs react well, we can find a good and it's very easy to test full-tone print and change.


The sound is great. I personally preferred the analog delay for its quality of sound and its repetition but all other delay can be exploited to give free rein to your imagination.

The tone print artists are really great, I, for once, chose to print a tone Syu is an analog delay with more gain and less discoloration of sound in rehearsals.


Ultimately, tc electronic off a major coup with this pedal as with its full range tone print. Find sounds racks tc pedal format at an affordable price with all options I say yes.

Far ahead of the boss and other mxr, this choice I would do without hesitation.