TC Electronic Flashback Delay
TC Electronic Flashback Delay

Flashback Delay, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from TC Electronic in the TonePrint series.

James... 02/20/2012

TC Electronic Flashback Delay : James...'s user review

« Really needs midi »

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10 delay types including the 2290-style delay
40-second looper with infinite sound on sound recording
TonePrint technology gives you instant access to custom pedal-tweaks made by top guitarists
Audio Tapping lets you set delay times by simply strumming your guitar
6 seconds delay
Stereo I/O
Switchable true bypass and buffered bypass modes
Switchable dry signal muting
Analog-Dry-Through circuitry preserves your analog tone
Delay Time, Feedback, and FX Level controls
Spillover on/off switch gives you super-smooth and natural transitions between sounds


Let me say, I am a big fan of the tone print series. This was a great idea. Put rack style tone in a pedal format. They are very accessible to guys who detest menus. I'm not a menu hater, for the record. But it sure is nice to have a pedal like this where everything is really a knob away. In fact, I think in terms of knob layout and control setup, this might be the best delay on the market next to some of the boss stuff. Unfortunately the boss delays don't have great tone. The stereo option is great even though I'm not an avid stereo user. The manual is great. TC has that whole manual thing covered.

My only HUGE problem is that this should have midi. It needs it bad. This pedal would be so much more usable to me with midi. I cannot stress this enough. I want to use mine with a midi controller in a rack setup, but alas, TC is stupid.


Here's where this pedal gets the high marks. I think in terms of pedal delays, at least digital ones, this is the best thing next to the eventide timefactor. The timefactor of course costs a huge amount. This one is significantly less and it a way better value in my opinion. It's a great studio performer. Pretty darn good live too. The tape is by far my favorite mode. The looper is also pretty ridiculous though. It's actually insane how many usable modes the flashback has. I cannot really say in words how organic and natural this unit sounds. Try it. Please.


The value on these is what makes them incredible. It's not the best or most function delay. But for the price I really like the feedback. It has so many features that the pedal should probably explode. There's gotta be a good brain in there. The midi thing I guess I can get over. Wish TC would make a bigger version with midi. It would wow me senseless. Try one of these. I bet you will buy it. That's all I can say.