TC Electronic Flashback x4
TC Electronic Flashback x4

Flashback x4, Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar from TC Electronic in the TonePrint series.

Thierry255 11/27/2013

TC Electronic Flashback x4 : Thierry255's user review

«  Why go anywhere else? Was the total! »

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See other reviews (there is even the AF test so ^ ^)
Thank you :)
Highlights: 3 recordable settings, + the "TonePrints" changed (I am not using this option at all, there are already so many ways!).
You can find on this model (compared to "small" Flashback), modes of additional delays and very successful (I love the way "Space" for me)!
Other + a looper mode (which I am not using).
ONLY downside ... Size! A real tank!


Simple Config, it sounds now! I read the manual, it can potentially be used (it will be used primarily for the kill switches present on the back of the pedal) but hey, everything is explained on the pedal .... In addition I had the "standard" model before so I was not surprised to use.
Note, here we have a dedicated tap tempo switch!


Devilishly effective effect: at least now I know I do not even embeterai me to look elsewhere, if it is to buy, sell, purchase etc ... I have a great product with many possible settings, including 3 recordable.
Special mentions to 2290 modes, analog, and space that I use most of the time.
Digital delay but without the "coldness" to which one might expect when you hear the word (Num. ..).


Used for 2 months. I had the model before "basic" (small), which has enchanted me for + a year. I was a little tired on the other hand constantly having to write down my settings to change me down, so I decided to lead me naturally to this model, three settings at the foot amply sufficient me.
The only drawback to this model, as noted above ... Size! Otherwise than that it's all good!
I love being able to remember three different settings to walk, have many possible modes, fast editing delay with intuitive knobs, here it is served!
I remake that choice without any hesitation!